Meghan Markle Understandably Skipped Her 20-Year High School Reunion, but She Sent an Apology Letter Anyway

Marrying a prince, having a royal baby, and jet-setting around the world on two royal could say Meghan Markle's had a pretty busy year.

But with the birth of her and Prince Harry's first child Archie Harrison coinciding with Markle's 20-year high-school reunion, a trip back to California for the occasion just wasn't in the royal cards.

Growing up in California, Markle attended Immaculate Heart, an all-girls Catholic high school in Los Angeles and graduated with the class of 1999. Her 20th anniversary high school reunion took place on May 5, the day before Archie's birth.

Since the duchess was unable to attend, Markle sent a note on Kensington Palace stationery with her apologies. This should come as no surprise that Markle went out of her way to perform the polite courtesy of RSVP'ing. The duchess has a well-known fondness for handwritten notes, and is an expert calligrapher.

"Everyone was disappointed that they did not get to catch up with Meghan given everything that has happened to her," revealed a former friend, according to the Daily Mail. "But the whole group was super excited about her giving birth to the first British-American prince, it was all anyone talked about."

Markle's apology note was well-received by her alma mater and former classmates.

"They were so excited to get that letter from her. She is remembered as someone who is very thoughtful, and to get that kind of attention now that she is a royal went down really well," the friend said. "Hopefully she will be able to make it to the 25 year reunion and she is welcome to bring Harry and Archie along with her."

That would be a high-school reunion for the yearbooks, that's for sure.