Meghan Markle's Handwriting Says *So* Much About Her as a Person

While visiting Brinsworth House on Tuesday, the Duchess of Sussex sat down with residents (all entertainment industry veterans) for arts and crafts. Markle created a paper ornament and signed it, “Merry Christmas, Love, Meghan”—and the calligraphy is stunning.

This should come as no surprise, though: The duchess moonlighted as a calligrapher during her acting days, and the special handwriting says a lot about her as a person. 

For one, the single name in her signature, “Meghan,” denotes the need for more privacy, according to forensic handwriting expert Sheila Lowe, who spoke to Town & Country about Markle’s calligraphy skills earlier this year.

It also aligns the duchess with her husband, Prince Harry, who signs just his first name during royal engagements and in visitor guestbooks.

“Someone who uses a very stylized form of writing is concerned about the way things look. She wants to show the world a very particular, beautiful image. She wants to be perfect, really,” Lowe told T&C when she analyzed Markle’s calligraphy skills in a note she sent in 2016. Interesting…

“She has a degree of formality and a love of beautiful things, so the palace is the right environment for that,” Lowe said.

Perfect, private and formal: Yep, Duchess Meghan will do just fine in the royal family.

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