This Is the Informal Way Meghan Signs Her Name (Hint: She Copies Prince Harry)

Imagine being such a celebrity that when people say just your first name everyone knows who they’re referring to. Exhibit A: Beyoncé. Exhibit B: Meghan (Markle, although you already knew that).

While visiting Brinsworth House on Tuesday, the Duchess of Sussex sat down with residents (all entertainment industry veterans) for arts and crafts. Markle created a paper ornament and signed it, “Merry Christmas, Love, Meghan”—and, yes, the calligraphy is stunning, but it’s an interesting way to sign her name, to be sure.

Compare it to Queen Elizabeth’s signature, which is “Elizabeth R” for Elizabeth Regina (meaning queen in latin), or Kate Middleton, who sometimes signs “Catherine Middleton.” Even Prince Philip adds a little oomph to his signature: He often underlines his first name when signing (that’s Philip to you, plebes).

Of course, we all know the duchess moonlighted as a calligrapher during her acting days, but what does the single first name mean?

For one, just signing “Meghan,” denotes the need for more privacy, according to forensic handwriting expert Sheila Lowe, who spoke to Town & Country about Markle’s calligraphy skills earlier this year.

It also aligns the duchess with her husband, Prince Harry, who signs just his first name during royal engagements and in visitor guestbooks, and strips away some of the formality to make the royals seem more “normal.” (Her full title, “Her Royal Highness, Duchess Meghan of Sussex,” would give her a hand cramp after a couple times, anyway.)

So, it’s decided, then: We’re signing all our correspondence with first name only in 2019.

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