Martha Stewart Reveals the One Thing Most People Overlook When Planning a Summer Party

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Summer is on the horizon, which means our dreams of barbeques, hours by the pool and small get-togethers are almost within reach. And who better to give us entertaining advice than Martha Stewart

PureWow recently sat down with the entrepreneur to talk about her latest partnership with BIC EZ Reach, where she and Snoop Dog designed a handful of new lighters. The new campaign spotlights the convenience of the BIC EZ Reach lighter, designed for lighting hard-to-reach places while helping to keep fingers away from the flame. During the interview, we asked the media mogul/cookbook author about her best tips for hosting an outdoor gathering with friends and family.

And while there is a ton that needs to be done to host a lavish summer party, summer party, according to Stewart, there’s one thing people often forget to plan for: rain. “As an alternative to having sunny nice warm weather, it might rain,” the writer revealed. “So, make sure you have a covered area where you can all move to get out of the rain.”

Turns out, Stewart is currently in the process of creating a permanent solution to this problem at her own home—something she calls a “dining pavilion.”

“I just finished the sides of what I'm calling the dining pavilion—you know, I just wanted to make up some funny name—near my swimming pool,” she continued. “And I'm putting a peaked roof on it that is rainproof, and I can put a big table underneath it and chairs. We can have dinner out there even if it is raining elsewhere. A pergola is pretty but a pergola doesn't have a roof on it and that kind of defeats the purpose. I also don't have any big porches anywhere, so this is the perfect solution to a porch.”

Suddenly, our backyard needs an upgrade. 

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