Marie Kondo Just Launched an Online Store and These Are Our Top 5 Picks

Marie Kondo, the 35-year-old organizing guru famous for turning the act of paring down into a transformative, ugly-cry-inducing experience, is now venturing into new territory: Helping you restock your fully streamlined home. The Tidying Up with Marie Kondo star just launched an e-commerce section to her website,, where she shares a curated selection of things that spark joy in her own life—including her go-to products for keeping clutter at bay.

That may seem counterintuitive at first—the woman who’s helped the world live with less is now helping us buy more things for our homes?!—but Kondo addresses that head-on in an intro video for the shop: “The goal of tidying is to make room for meaningful objects, people and experiences.”

So what’s Kondo making room for in her own home? The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up author shared that three of her top picks are the incense (scented to make you feel like you’re walking through a garden in Japan), ceramic Igá-Monó Donabe pots (ideal for steaming meat and vegetables) and crystal-and-tuning-fork combo packs  (if you thought the care and keeping of your rose quartz just meant charging it under the full moon, you’re mistaken, friend).

"When something sparks joy, you should feel a little thrill, as if the cells in your body are slowly rising," she says. Let that be your guide as you peruse our top five finds from the site.

marie kondo konmari store kaleido trays

1. Kaleido Trays

We’ve all seen how a tray can corral tabletop odds and ends—your remote, your keys, all those matchboxes you collect at restaurants—and this geometric number’s no exception. It comes in several sizes, which can be stacked or arranged side-by-side, turning your countertop into a work of modern art—even as it displays your junk mail.

BUY IT ($28)

2. Palo Santo Holder With Palo Santo

Whether you believe burning palo santo will clear the energy in your home, or if you just like its woodsy scent, you’ll love this minimalist stoneware holster, which doubles as an incense burner, if you’re into that too. Oh, and no trees are harmed in the harvesting of the palo santo—it all comes from fallen trunks and branches.

3. Binchotan Charcoal Body Scrub Towel

Consider this the one thing missing from your skincare routine: This textured towel has charcoal blended into its fibers, so it can really help exfoliate your skin and remove excess oil.

marie kondo konmari store steam donabe

4. Steam Donabe With Grate

If all of the buttons on an Instant Pot intimidate you, opt for something simpler on your holiday wish list this year. Kondo loves these ceramic pots, which are known for evenly cooking food and can go from oven to table—as long as you put a trivet underneath (which, spoiler, she also sells on her site).

BUY IT ($180)

marie kondo konmari store computer brush

5. Computer Brush

Compulsive desk snackers, there’s hope for your keyboards yet: This computer brush features anti-static goat hair bristles on one side, vegetable-based fibers on the other, so you can remove dust from your screen and keep crumbs from getting jammed under the keys.

BUY IT ($35)

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