Mandy Moore Announces First Album in 11 Years & Releases New Song

Mandy Moore is widely known for playing Rebecca Pearson on NBC’s This Is Us but acting isn’t her only talent. In fact, the 35-year-old star is returning to her musical roots and releasing her first album in 11 years.

Moore just revealed that her seventh studio album, Silver Landings, will hit shelves on Friday, March 6. To tide us over, the actress also debuted the very first song, “Save a Little for Yourself,” which doubles as an emotional rock ballad.

Moore kicked things off on her personal Instagram account and debuted the Silver Landings album cover.

She captioned the post, “It feels so good to be stepping assuredly into this next chapter of my life as a woman and performer, with an album of songs I couldn’t be more thrilled with or ready to share. Having music back in my life makes me feel like a more complete version of myself, in ways I wasn’t even expecting. The experience of writing, recording (and soon to be touring) it with some of the people I love the most in the world is an experience I will treasure forever.” “Soon to be touring”?! Tell us more, Mandy. 

Moore also released a video on YouTube, which features a live performance of the new track “Save a Little for Yourself.”

Silver Landings will feature ten new songs:

  1. “I’d Rather Lose”
  2. “Save A Little For Yourself”
  3. “Fifteen”
  4. “Tryin’ My Best Los Angeles”
  5. “Easy Target”
  6. “When I Wasn’t Watching”
  7. “Forgiveness”
  8. “Stories Reminding Myself of Me”
  9. “If That’s What It Takes”
  10.  “Silver Landings”

BRB, listening to all of Moore’s greatest hits, including “Candy,” “I Wanna Be with You” and “Stupid Cupid.”


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