Lady Gaga Did What Any Sensible Person Would Do Upon Winning an Oscar—Cried Her Face Off

Lady Gaga is no stranger to winning awards (she already has nine Grammys, for crying out loud), but winning an Oscar is a whole other ball game. Her little monsters have long been eager to see Gaga up on that stage, inching her way ever closer to EGOT status. Well, after winning the award for Best Original Song, it seems the anticipation might have gotten to her.

After “Shallow” was announced the winner, Gaga burst into tears and bawled into her sister’s shoulder. Which, to be fair, is probably how any one of us would react and how so many winners before her have reacted as well (hi there, Sally Field).

Gaga gathered herself together enough to give a moving acceptance speech about the hard work it takes to accomplish the incredible things she has done and encouraged others to follow their passion, to put their all into what they love. Jennifer Hudson was clearly feeling it, and so were we.

Though Gaga was also nominated for Best Actress, Olivia Colman (The Favourite) took home that honor. Still, Gaga is now 50 percent of the way toward winning that EGOT.