Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga Just Performed 'Shallow' at the Oscars and We Didn't Breathe the Whole Time

bradley cooper lady gaga

Here's the thing: We know that Jack and Ally from A Star Is Born aren't real, but seeing Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga assume their roles onstage to perform “Shallow”—a Best Original Song nominee—at the 2019 Oscars kind of took our breath away, so indulge us for just a sec, OK? Here's why...

1. Did you see the way Ally Gaga looked at Jack Cooper as he sang the opening bars? Like, she was so lost in his eyes as he nervously serenaded her for the first time in front of a zillion celebs, she almost forgot to sit down at the piano for her cue.

2. Sure, Gaga is a singer and all, but Cooper was so perfectly on key that we kind of forgot he's an actor too. To us, he's always and forever Jackson Maine (full name).

3. The moment Cooper moved around the piano to sit next to Gaga was the exact moment we stopped breathing. No spoilers, but *that* was the Grammys redo we wanted the whole damn time.

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