The Most (and Least) Expensive Beauty Product in Keke Palmer’s Bag

Keke Palmer is a self-proclaimed makeup girl. The card-carrying Sephora VIB Rouge member and now, face of Olay Body, is always a source of beauty inspo for us. She's also the new co-host of Good Morning America, and her upcoming movie, Hustlers, co-starring Jennifer Lopez comes out next week. (NBD.)

We sat down with her recently to chat about her new projects and, of course, beauty. Besides sharing her mom’s best skin-care advice, “When you find something that works for you, stick with it,” and teasing her aforementioned movie with J.Lo (and Constance Wu, Cardi B and Julia Stiles), she talked to us about her current beauty indulgence: "A Dior lip gloss that looks and feels like a balm and has a light pink tint. I like that it’s not sticky and it makes my lips super soft.” 

As for the budget staple in her makeup bag? “Purell hand sanitizer. I shake a lot of hands so I’ve got to make sure they are clean.” A gal after our own heart.

Get the look: Dior Lip Glow ($34); Purell hand sanitizer ($12)