How to Make Your Hands Look Younger: 5 Tips for More Youthful Skin

We put our hands through a lot, so it makes sense that they age quicker than almost any other body part. (Raise your hand if you’re the token dishwasher in your family.) And no matter how youthful your face looks, damaged skin on the back of your palms will always blow the cover on how old you really are. That is, unless you start taking care of them now. Want to look ten years younger? Employ these five *handy* tips from here on out.

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1. Invest In An Anti-aging Hand Cream

You slather it on your face, so why not do the same to your hands? Look for a formula that not only hydrates, but also brightens skin for the same dewy, youthful glow your face cream delivers.

Product Pick: Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream ($20); Eve Lom Time Retreat Hand Treatment ($50)

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2. Wear Gloves For Chores

Hot water and cleaning solution can be super drying and cause skin to crack. Prevent it at the source by wearing gloves when you’re doing anything from washing dishes to scrubbing the tub. Try applying lotion before putting them on to soak in moisture while you work.

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3. Rethink Your Nail Polish

You may have noticed that some popular brands are cutting out toxic chemicals from their formulas. Other are taking healthy nail care a step further by infusing their polishes with essential oils to keep your tips hydrated and strong. Mandatory manis? Count us in.

Product Pick: Londontown Lakur ($16); Orly Breathable Treatment + Color ($9)

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4. Give Your Nail Beds Some Love

Cuticle oil is essential to being hangnail-free, but it can also make your hands look more youthful by leaving a glowy, moisturizing layer while keeping ragged edges as bay. Use it multiple times throughout the day to keep up the effect.

Product Pick: Super Nail Cuticle Oil ($5); Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Oil ($20)

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5. Wear Sunscreen

Sure, we apply sunscreen with fingers and palms, but how often do the backs of your hands get a swipe? Trade your usual hand cream for one with SPF anytime you’re headed out into the sun. It’ll help fight against premature aging, sun damage and the worst offender of all—wrinkles.

Product Pick: Jane Iredale Hand Drink SPF 15 ($29); Supergoop! Forever Young Hand Cream with Sea Buckthorn SPF 40 ($12)

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