Kate Middleton Forgot This One Important Item While Shoe Shopping with Her Kids

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As fall looms right around the corner and we find ourselves in back-to-school mode, many parents will be running around stores with their kids trying to get them ready for the new academic year.

That's what Kate Middleton was doing when she took Prince George and Princess Charlotte shoe shopping a few years back. The royal was just trying to get some kicks for her kids when she made one mistake that almost all of us have done at some point in our shopping lives: She forgot to bring them socks.

The story was broken back in 2018 by Hello!. A source revealed to the magazine that during a trip to the Peter Jones department store in London, the Duchess of Cambridge realized she had brought her two eldest kids in their sandals. Luckily, this (totally relatable) error was quickly resolved because Prince George and Princess Charlotte were able to borrow some socks from the store.

Flash forward to present day and things have changed a little bit for the royal mom. Prince George has been in school at Thomas's Battersea since 2017 and he was joined by his younger sister, Princess Charlotte, back in 2019. Before we know it, Prince Louis could end up enrolled at the same institution, perhaps even as soon as next fall.

While back-to-school season is always a stressful time for everyone, we bet that the Duchess of Cambridge feels a little more at ease with the process now that she's been doing it for a few years. And if she goes shoe shopping again, we bet you she'll remember the socks.

As we wait for Prince Louis to start attending school like his siblings, we recently wondered whether Prince George would be transitioning to a boarding school this year. According to royal family tradition, male members of the family typically start attending a boarding school at the age of eight. However, a source told Us Weekly, “Kate and William are open to sending George to boarding school in the future and have already checked out a few, but they feel 8 is a little young and want to wait until he’s slightly older. George going to school is a decision the Cambridges will make as a family. They’d never force George to go unless he wants to and they feel it’s right.”

We love seeing Kate in relatable mom mode. It's good to know even royals make mistakes sometimes.

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