Jennifer Lopez Posts a Heartfelt Birthday Tribute to Her Twins on Instagram

While we enjoy Jennifer Lopez's beauty and fashion moments on Instagram, we love the sweet posts about her twins even more. As a tribute to Max and Emme turning 14, the singer reposted a birthday video on Instagram that will give you all the feels.

Created by a J.Lo fan Instagram account (@jlo.source), the two-minute video explores rare moments of the twins' childhood, starting with a candid clip of J.Lo when she was pregnant. Her voice echoes throughout the video with shots of their first movie premiere, joining their mom on tour, Emme singing at the Super Bowl and all the hugs and kisses she has showered them with over the years.

"Here's what changed in my life, I had given birth and the kids just gave me a new direction," she said in the video. "Every day they change everything. They just made me realize what was real and what wasn't real. They changed your perspective on the world and it's because of the love that you feel for them. It's so pure and unconditional that it made me start re-examining everything in my life. They just changed everything." 

Along with the video, the singer added a heartfelt caption to honor her twins. She stated, "So this is 14!!!! My babies, my sunshine, my loves. Happiest of birthdays to my two coconuts #MaxAndLulu. You have taught me the true meaning of life and have changed me forever in the most amazing way…I am so grateful for you both!!! I only hope I can be half of the blessing you have been to my life. Today marks a very special day…it’s 2/22/22…they say this day is a rare once-in-a-lifetime moment for humanity. Today breaks open the door to a more fulfilling sustainable and aligned future…a day to move forward and stop living in the past. A rebirth. It’s no wonder to me because this day 14 years ago has always symbolized for me the first day of the rest of my life. Max and Lulu, I will love you forever and ever and ever… #UntilItBeatsNoMore." 

Last year, the Marry Me star gave us a sneak peek at how she celebrated her kids' birthday (with gifts, singing and breakfast in bed) while 2020 featured never-before-seen baby pics. We can only imagine what she has planned for her "coconuts" this year. 

Happy birthday Max and Emme! 

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