Gabrielle Union Spills Exclusive Details About Her Family’s Surprising Holiday Traditions

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The holidays will look quite different this year, but it's not stopping Gabrielle Union from ringing in the season with her own family traditions.

PureWow recently sat down for an interview with the 48-year-old actress, who is currently partnering with Amazon to deliver smiles by helping charitable organizations in need. She'll be spotlighting multiple organizations close to her heart and working to fulfill the items off their Amazon Smile Charity Lists.

Union not only discussed her passion for philanthropy, but she also opened up about the family traditions that she brought to the Union-Wade household. Not surprisingly, one of them involves a lot of singing—but it's got nothing to do with Christmas carols.

Union said, "One thing that we've always done on my side of the family was, we never sang Christmas carols, we always sang the original Broadway cast album of Dreamgirls, and I brought that into this new family that I've been in. And Dwayne [Wade] was like okay, I see [that you love] show tunes, but we're gonna have to incorporate Hamilton. So we've been singing the original Broadway cast album of Hamilton the last couple of years, and we look forward to that." *Cue "Blow Us All Away"*

The Bring It On alum also revealed that she's continuing an old tradition that started with her grandmother, only this time, it involves the family's holiday menu. She said, "My grandma used to make a glazed ham, and then my mom and my aunts, and now I have brought that glazed ham tradition into our household, so there's always a glazed ham, even though my husband is on a plant based diet."

The actress jokingly added, "He'll load up on the collard greens!"

While Union, who shares a daughter and three stepchildren with Wade, enjoys her holiday ham, she explained that charitable giving also plays a huge role in her family's yearly activities. She told us, "We started with the older kids when they were very, very young. When we do our Wade Family Foundation [events], the whole family is included and a part, they’re active participants, so they've been doing it since they could walk."  

Sounds like the Union-Wade home will be filled with catchy show tunes (and the smell of glazed pork) this holiday season! 

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