Gabrielle Union Shares Powerful Message Alongside Video of Daughter Kaavia Learning to Ride a Bike

No matter what, Gabrielle Union will always be Kaavia’s biggest cheerleader. The Bring It On actress recently posted a video on her Instagram page, where she cheered on her daughter as she attempted to ride a bike. Though the moment marked a special occasion for the 3-year-old, Union decided to use the milestone to send a powerful message.

In the short clip, Union is encouraging Kaavia to keep pedaling on her tricycle. While a snippet of Hip Hop Harry’s song “Go Go Go” plays over the video, the Being Mary Jane alum continues to motion for her daughter to keep going.

But, the video has a much deeper meaning behind it. The actress added text to the footage, labeling herself as a “Therapist” who’s helping Kaavia through a hard time.

In the caption, she wrote a powerful message that read, “These last few months working have been one long ass trigger for me. Reliving trauma for art’s sake takes a massive toll, but it’s the expectation of being all things to all people simultaneously is what brings me to my knees. I know I’m not alone.”

Union continued, “You are not alone. We can be here for each other. Cheers to those of us who struggle to keep pedaling every day when the waves of anguish wash over us. Cheers to staying on the bike, training wheels and all. Love and light good people. We are stronger together #WeAllWeGot.”

Her supporters wrote nothing but encouraging messages in the comments section. One person wrote, “No, we are not alone. I was there and it’s not easy to climb out of but here we are - reclaiming our power. Kudos to you for showing up for yourself [pink heart emoji].” Another said, “Sending lots of love to you!” with a prayer hand and red heart emoji.

Thank you, Gabrielle, for always being so open.

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