Phew! Kristoff is Back in ‘Frozen 2,’ and He’s Finally Got a Song

Frozen 2 hits theaters soon (it’s November 22, mark your calendars), and if, like us, you can’t let that simple fact go, then we have news for you.

PureWow editor Dana Dickey attended the world premiere of the much-anticipated Disney animated film courtesy of Columbia and is happy to report that Kristoff (voiced by Jonathan Groff) has a major glow-up in the sequel.

Not only does he play a central role in the film, but he also gets his very own song. Yep, Anna’s (voiced by Kristen Bell) beau is finally getting his moment to shine.

And BTW, Kristoff’s big number, “Lost in the Woods,” incited a chorus of hoots and cheers from the Frozen 2 premiere audience. As Dickey reports, “It’s an amazing song that he sings when he’s wandering in the Enchanted Forest.” Without revealing too much, it appears that Kristoff gets separated from Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel) and Anna and becomes, as the song’s title suggests, lost in the woods. At that moment, a sweet surprise is revealed and he’s joined by some animal friends.

Groff—who, let’s not forget, created the scene-stealing comic character of George III in Hamilton—sings about pining for his absent love as he walks through the forest. “Lost in the Woods” is arranged like a yacht rock power ballad (yes, seriously) with his body shown in multiples, dancing across the screen and in a split-screen close-up of his face backlit as he’s singing.

Dickey also notes that Bell mentioned to Groff on the pre-premiere red carpet that she was disappointed he didn’t have a big number in the first movie and that she’s excited to see people’s reactions to this one. 

If fans’ reactions at the premiere are any indication, it’s going to be a huge hit.

Bravo, Kristoff.


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