Drew Barrymore Just Got Flirty with Leonardo DiCaprio on Instagram

Temperatures are getting high—and we're not just talking about the summer heat. (Allow us to explain.)

It all began when Leonardo DiCaprio shared an infographic to his Instagram page to raise awareness about the harmful effects of climate change. He explained in his caption why countries should consider implementation of the Paris Agreement, and in response, Drew Barrymore popped into the comments to applaud his efforts.

But then, the 50 First Dates actress added a flirtatious response that no one could've predicted.

She wrote, "You should be the only hot one, and not our planet!" Naturally, the flirty comment drew a lot of attention from fans who encouraged her to "shoot her shot." One follower replied, "I'm living for this comment!!!" Another fan chimed in, "Speak the truth."

drew comments

The actress also thanked DiCaprio for being the "pioneer of saving our earth."

As it turns out, both stars have crossed paths multiple times at award ceremonies, and in one episode of her talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show, the mother of two revealed that she once visited the Titanic actor's home. She said, "I've actually been to Leonardo DiCaprio's, like, real home and he is so not self-indulgent. There is no me, me, me. His taste is impeccable. His art collection is to die for and I think this was, like, the cutest thing ever."

Perhaps it's a stretch to predict a future romance between Barrymore and DiCaprio (especially since the latter is currently dating model and actress, Camila Morrone), but it's inspiring to see that both actors are passionate about such an important cause.

Also, Drew, if you're seeing this, we'd love a few lessons in Flirting 101, please and thanks.

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