Courteney Cox Just Posted a Video of Game Night with Jennifer Aniston...and There was a Very Clear Winner

The cast of Friends have known and loved one another for going on 26 years now, but it still warms our heart every time we see them hanging out together in real life. According to both their Instagram accounts, Rachel Jennifer Aniston and Monica Courteney Cox have been spending some quality quarantine time together this summer, including game nights at Cox’s house. Most recently the two played a game of pool (or maybe billiards?) and let’s just say it was very obvious who was the winner and who was the loser this time around.

Maybe it’s that Cox has had more time to practice or maybe she was channeling her inner hyper-competitive Monica (“My team always wins!”), but she clearly wipes the table with poor Aniston. Cox pockets at least six balls before cutting to a less than impressive series of shots by Aniston... who fails to get even one successful hit.

Of course, the game is clearly all in good fun with both Aniston and Cox frequently breaking down laughing. The addition of some rather apropos music over the footage—“My Shot” from Hamilton for Cox and “Nothing From Nothing” by Billy Preston for Aniston—only makes the video that much funnier, as does Cox’s caption. Drawing inspiration from her longtime TV husband, Chandler Bing, Cox wrote “I may have had a good night...but could my friend BE any cuter?”

The two pals also recently celebrated the birthday of Friends’ third leading lady, Lisa Kudrow, who turned 57 on July 30. The trio reunited earlier this summer to promote the I Am a Voter movement and encourage people to register to vote, as well.

Despite the fact that no one told us life would be this way—i.e., the year of the global pandemic—it’s good to know that at least these three friends will be there for you one another, like they’ve been there before. (Sorry, not sorry.)