Courteney Cox’s 15-Year-Old Daughter Coco Gave Her Mom a Killer Quarantine Makeover

Courteney Cox has a new glam squad in her daughter Coco Arquette (who, by the way, is 15 now). On Monday, the actress shared a video to Instagram documenting her makeover, which gets off to a rocky start as Coco attempts to apply eyeshadow on the Friends star. 

"Well your eyes are really hard to work with, Mom," Coco says while blending the eyeshadow into Cox's crease. Next, Coco goes in with the liquid liner and, we've got to say, we're pretty impressed with her cat-eye skills. 

When Coco finished with the eyeliner, Courteney looked surprised that she was done so quickly and asked, "That's the whole makeup? This is the whole look?" To which her daughter replied, "That's all I do," before going in to clean up the liner. 

After a few more swipes (and wipes), Coco looks ready to give up, telling her mom that, "It's either shitty eyeliner or there's something wrong with your eyeballs." Coco finished off the look with dab of creamy champagne eyeshadow and an inky black teardrop and smiley face underneath Cox's eyes.

The actress shared a video to Instagram joking that "you get what you pay for" in the caption. Though it seems that family friend and actress Suzanne Somers is a fan of #makeupbycoco commenting, "Omg!!! This is so good. She gets it. Good job Coco!!! I miss you so much. Coming this summer. I’m inviting myself!!!"

The talented mother-daughter duo has been prolific on social media during quarantine, recording Hamilton covers (in which Coco does a flawless rendition of Phillipa Soo's ballad "Burn") and making TikTok videos. Meanwhile, we're over here still trying to teach our moms how to FaceTime...

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