Catherine Zeta-Jones Gave Us a Glimpse Inside Her House & OMG That Christmas Tree

Catherine Zeta-Jones has been sharing a ton of sweet pics of her family over the last few months (both current shots and throwbacks). So, we were a little surprised earlier this month when she changed things up and shared a video of the inside of her stunning home.

On December 8, the 50-year-old actress shared a video on Instagram showing off the interior of her newly decorated residence. In the short clip, viewers can see a large, lit-up Christmas tree (with what appear to be giant hearts throughout), a massive staircase embellished with garland from top to bottom, a wreath and two candle lanterns. “Thank you for all your well wishes,” she says in the video. “I hurt my foot doing this, was it worth it? Merry Christmas everybody.”

Zeta-Jones elaborated a bit more in the caption of the post writing, “Thought I would share the fruits of my labor (or labour, if you are reading this in Britain!) Hurt my foot after completing this still life masterpiece. The pain was worse than labor/labour, but I feel so festive now, but not as festive or a fabulous as the fabulous Mariah Carey. Maybe next year. Anyway, Happy Hanukkah.”

Two days prior, the Chicago star teased her injury in a separate post but still failed to mention how exactly she obtained the injury. “Ziplock Zeta foot fashion! Ice ice baby,” she wrote in the caption.

We don’t know what actually caused the minor injury, but by the looks of that Christmas tree, we’d say it was worth it.

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