This Caraway Cookware Sale Includes Tons of Best Sellers (and in Case You Forgot, It's Almost Mother's Day)

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editors pick caraway cookware sale

Everyone has a weakness. Ours is beautiful, color-coordinated cookware. But as it turns out, aesthetically pleasing pots and pans that are also functional aren't exactly cheap. (See Le Creuset, Caraway and Our Place.) That’s why we’re so excited about the Caraway Cookware sale coming just in time for Mother's Day. From now through May 15, you can score up to 20 percent off the brand's non-toxic kitchen essentials, including cookware, bakeware, linens, food storage and tea kettles.

Whether you're grabbing a set for Mother's Day, college graduation, a bridal shower, a wedding or other special occasion, any of these items would make a great gift. Personally, we can't wait to get our hands on the famous ceramic cookware set (originally $545, now just $395) and the 11-piece bakeware set (was $545, now $395). Plus, select colors get an additional savings when you add to cart, so look out for those deals. Like, this midnight cookware set is now $495, and was originally $745, saving you a total of $250.

No matter which item you buy, you’re sure to get a lot of use out of it. But don’t just take our word for it—the brand is constantly trending on TikTok (with 80 million views and counting) where happy customers show off their new cookware which comes with its own storage solution to pack neatly in most cabinets. Just see for yourself.

Here are a few pieces that are totally worth the hype.

Why We Love It: stainless steel handles, eight-piece set, nonstick, non-toxic ceramic coating

You've probably seen this gorgeous set all over Instagram and TikTok, but in case you need more convincing then just check out the more than 44,000 glowing reviews and its 4.8-star rating. In other words, this pretty set is a big deal, which is why we put it to the test last year. To our surprise, it was everything the brand said it would be.

For starters, it's nonstick and eco-friendly, safely reaching 550 degrees Fahrenheit without leaving any stains. It also has stainless-steel handles and an enameled outer surface for oven-safe cooking, plus included pan and lid storage solutions. But we were even more impressed by how well we were actually able to pull off cooking with no oil (super rare, folks).

With this set, you'll get a frying pan, saucepan, sauté pan, Dutch oven and a storage solution for $395 (from $545!). In short, it will cover all your basic cooking needs, whether you're making pasta or frying veggies. Don't want the set? You can also buy these items separately here.

Why We Love It: includes five or 11 pieces, nonstick, non-toxic ceramic coating

We've had our eye on Caraway's fan-favorite bakeware set for a hot minute now, so you can bet we're wasting no time grabbing it while it's on sale starting at $245. Besides the fact that it comes with five to 11 pieces to cover all your bakeware needs, buyers say that like the cookware, your food won't stick to it. One impressed customer shares, "Every part [of the set] was my favorite. It was perfectly packaged, beautiful in appearance and great in performance. My muffins were the best sticking, and they weren't overdone or scorched." You can also shop for individual bakeware items on sale now, too.

3. Caraway Fry Pan


  • Why We Love It: non-toxic ceramic coating, nonstick, compatible with all stove tops

If you're not interested in buying the full cookware set, we recommend getting your hands on this frying pan. Having this guy handy will make cooking a breeze, whether you’re frying an egg, sautéing some veggies or flipping a few flapjacks—no oil to avoid sticking needed. Coated in the same non-toxic ceramic as the other cookware items from the brand, you can cook worry-free since you won't experience harmful chemicals, like PFAs, contaminating your food. It's safe up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit and is ten-and-a-half inches in diameter. "It's especially nice that there's no toxins being emitted from the pan surface, and love that it's non-stick and easy to clean," reports one customer.

  • Why We Love It: cohesive colors, seven pieces

Linen pieces makes cooking and cleaning up messes so much easier, thanks to their ultra-absorbent material (and they don’t look too shabby, either).This set (currently on sale for $135) comes with three tea towels, a linen apron, oven mitts and two pot holders. "I love how you can adjust the neck strap of the apron it makes it so much easier then always trying to pull up or down this linen set was an amazing investment for my kitchen," says one reviewer.

More importantly, each piece is machine washable, which the company says enhances their softness and absorbency. If you don't need a complete set, find individual items here.

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