Busy Philipps’s Remedy for Self-Doubt Includes Just 4 Words

Between family life, her career, social media and just generally being a human being, Busy Philipps is, well, busy. But whenever she gets overwhelmed or self-doubt sneaks in, the 40-year-old erstwhile Busy Tonight host calls upon her self-care mantra to refocus her energy.

When PureWow sat down with Philipps one fine crafternoon (yep, an afternoon of crafting) with Michaels, we were curious to know what kind of life-hacks she employs to get the most out of her day. As it turns out, Philipps doesn’t do hours of meditation or swear by some cure-all. When things start to feel out of control, she thinks of four simple words.

“You know, the thing that I’ve found to be most helpful to me in navigating everything in life—and I guess this sort of also depends on what kind of person you are,” she explained. “But the thing that I’ve found to be the most helpful is to remember to just go easy on yourself, you know.”

Philipps was quick to point out that it’s important to temper your expectations when it comes to getting things done and try not overload yourself. “You can get very overwhelmed and feel like you’re not doing all of the things, all of the time. And you probably aren’t and that’s OK. Just go easy on yourself,” she said, wisely.

We’re definitely filing this sage advice away for future use (aka five minutes from now when we have a mini meltdown).

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