Busy Philipps understands that kids, for better or for worse, are like little mirrors of their parents. So when it comes to encouraging healthy self-confidence in her mini-me’s, Birdie (9) and Cricket (4), Philipps takes a cue from her upcoming film I Feel Pretty and looks within.

Philipps chatted with PureWow about her journey to raise empowered little ones and explained, “I try to be very aware of the kind of messaging that I’m sending to them. I try to be empowered in my own body for them [and] demonstrate good self-esteem.”

Proud of how proud of her strength she is. ??????

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Michelle Williams’s bestie explained that she and her husband, Marc Silverstein (who co-wrote I Feel Pretty), work to cultivate a body-positive household, saying, “We talk a lot about being strong as opposed to skinny or fitting into some other kind of idea. I try to encourage the girls to do activities that make them feel really good. Birdie does indoor rock climbing [and] it makes her feel fearless and strong and powerful.”

Along with promoting strength over slenderness, Philipps tries to make food a “non-issue” with her girls. “You know, we try not to make a big deal about food. We want them to eat healthy food, but we also want them to be able to have snacks and enjoy whatever they want to enjoy,” she shared.

But encouraging healthy relationships with food and exercise isn’t the only aspect of Philipps’s woke parenting approach.

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The actress said she literally bares it all so her daughters can learn to appreciate the feminine form: “This is so weird, but I try to be naked around my girls. I want them to see a real woman’s body. I’m not going to be shameful about my body around my children. I want them to see me feeling empowered about myself.”

Philipps makes sure her body positivity continues outside the home, too.

“I don’t get weird about bathing suits in the summer or on vacation, like, ‘Ugh, I don’t want to wear this bikini.’ And by the way, I’m not saying I don’t have [those moments],” Philipps shared. Here, here, Busy.

At the end of the day, the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt guest star realizes she can’t fully control the beauty narrative her daughters learn: “I try to correct messaging if I see them getting any kind of outside influence that might be antithetical to what I believe in…Very early on I noticed the correlation between my friends’ self-esteem issues and body issues with what their mothers had going on when they were growing up. Our first role model is our mom.”

The positive Busy vibes will continue when I Feel Pretty hits theaters this Friday, April 20. Confidence, Amy Schumer and a Shallow Hal-like plot? We’re totally there.

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