Blake Lively Presented Husband Ryan Reynolds with an Acting Award and Praised His Parenting in the Process

Blake Lively, 35, and Ryan Reynolds, 46, are not only two of Hollywood's biggest stars, but they are also a dynamite couple, as confirmed (once again) this past Thursday, November 17, when Lively was asked to present her husband with a prestigious award, and she took the opportunity to praise him as a partner and a parent.

Reynolds was recently chosen as the 36th recipient of the American Cinematheque Award, a prize that, according to the organization's site, “is presented annually to an extraordinary artist currently making a significant contribution to the art of the Moving Picture.” For the ceremony, Lively was one the stars who was asked to speak, and she happily showed up to sing her hubby's praises.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.
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The Gossip Girl actress started out by noting how Reynolds has always felt a strong connection to his home, and he used to spend his early years as an actor driving home to Canada each weekend.

“Now I am his home, and his girls are his home, and just like that 19-year-old boy, he races home, whether it’s from across the globe or a meeting across the street; he is hardwired to get home,” Lively said.

She jokingly added, “If he came home from set not in his wardrobe we would be very concerned—soaked in mud, fake blood, real blood, prosthetic scars, superhero suits, tap shoes or clown makeup, daddy always comes home.”

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Lively and Reynolds tied the knot in 2012, two years after they first met on the set of Green Lantern. Since then, the pair have welcomed three children—daughters James, 7, Inez, 6, and Betty, 3—and they have a fourth kid on the way.

Despite Reynolds's busy work schedule, Lively commended him for how he balances his work and home life. “That man races back to his real life like nothing I have ever seen, especially not by someone who is able to be so all-in in his work life,” she said. “He’s able to somehow be everything to everyone all at once; he is the most present person you will ever meet. And yes he creates magic in his work, but man oh man does he create magic in his real life.”

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Reynolds thanked his wife, as well as all the other speakers, in a special Instagram post.

In his caption, he wrote, “Thank you @AM_CinemaTheque for this incredible honour. Thank you to my friends and family who turned me into a heaving, weeping mess of laughter, nostalgia and joy. It felt like I got front row seats to my own funeral but without all the inconvenient death. What a night. Thank you, #WillFerrell, @TheJeffBridges, @Mary_Steenburgen, @RobMcElhenney, @NathanFillion, @JustinpjTrudeau, @OctaviaSpencer, @SlevyDirect @MorenaBaccarin, @SalmaHayek, @TheHughJackman, @HelenMirren, @stevenpage, @MaximumEffort and my unbelievable wife, @BlakeLively also, huge congratulations to the nights co-honoree, Mr @itsJasonBlum.”

Ryan Reynolds.
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We couldn't be more obsessed with this couple if we tried.

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