This Action-Packed Ryan Reynolds Flick Has Been on Netflix’s Top 10 List All Week

We’ve seen our fair share of throwback films make comebacks on Netflix, but there’s one flick that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

We’re talking about the 2011 superhero movie Green Lantern, which stars Ryan Reynolds. Although it’s been around for quite some time, the title has been featured on Netflix’s list of most-watched movies all week. (It’s currently ranked at number four behind Afterlife of the Party, Worth and Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins.)

So, what is the movie about? It tells the story of Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), the first human recruit to join the Green Lantern Corps, whose goal is to preserve intergalactic order.

Although Hal is a talented test pilot, he’s not accepted by his peers (AKA The Green Lanterns), who have little respect for humans. Everything changes when a new villain, called Parallax, enters the picture and threatens to disrupt the universal balance of power, forcing Hal to embark on his very first mission.

In addition to Reynolds, Green Lantern features an all-star cast, including his wife Blake Lively (Carol Ferris), Peter Sarsgaard (Hector Hammond), Kennon Kepper (young Hammond), Mark Strong (Thaal Sinestro), Angela Bassett (Amanda Waller), Tim Robbins (Robert Hammond), Temuera Morrison (Abin Sur) and Taika Waititi (Thomas Kalmaku). The movie also includes voiceover cameos by Geoffrey Rush (Tomar-Re), Michael Clarke Duncan (Kilowog) and Clancy Brown (Parallax).

Green Lantern was directed by Martin Campbell (The Mask of Zorro). Although the original story was written by Greg Berlanti (Love, Simon), Michael Green (Blade Runner 2049) and Marc Guggenheim (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow), Michael Goldenberg (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) helped the trio pen the screenplay.

We’ve never felt more inclined to channel our inner superhero.

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