Ryan Reynolds Says Blake Lively ‘Runs the Show’ When It Comes to Their 3 Kids

Ryan Reynolds is one of the latest guests on the newest season of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman, and based on a teaser clip that was uploaded to YouTube earlier this weekend, it appears that the Adam Project actor is going to get candid about his home life with Blake Lively and their three children—James, 7, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2.

In the trailer, Reynolds reveals that his wife takes the reins when it comes to their parenting techniques. “Blake, full disclosure, really showed me how to do all this,” he says as he shows Letterman the dinner that he is going to serve to his children (which looks to us like a delicious mac and cheese bar). When Letterman asks who runs the show, Reynolds responds, “Blake runs the show. I would kind of really phone things in if it wasn't for her.”

Letterman follows this up by asking Reynolds if anxiety would set in if Lively were to hypothetically leave for a couple of weeks to visit her family and have Reynolds take care of their daughters by himself.

Reynolds immediately quips, “I would, first off, never let her go visit her family,” which elicits a good laugh out of his host, who says, “I think that's illegal.” Reynolds chuckles himself and replies, “No, yeah, that is illegal. That's kidnapping.”

Then, Reynolds offers a serious answer to Letterman's question, saying, “Oh, if I was just with the girls, I think I would find it pretty exciting at first.” But Reynolds notes that with three girls it's a lot of work, adding, “That division of labor's pretty important.”

We can't wait to watch this full episode when it premieres (and we hope Blake makes a cameo too).

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