Contestants Like Victoria Shouldn’t Be Allowed on ‘The Bachelor’ & Here’s Why

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*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor confirmed that this season’s villain is Victoria. Although we enjoyed the brief entertainment, we can’t help but feel like disruptive contestants (like Victoria) are starting to ruin the entire experience for shy leads like Matt James.

After the season 25 premiere, we knew we had our hands full with Victoria (whose profession is listed as “Queen”). But after watching episode two of the popular dating series, it’s clear that she takes her not-real title seriously, and insists on being the center of attention…always. (Not only did Victoria take the group date to an entirely new level, but she also made a huge deal about not getting the rose.)

So, why is it a bad thing? First of all, James is there to find love, not babysit a twenty-something girl. While we appreciate Victoria’s effort in going above and beyond to get his attention—like when she made him remove her garter during the group date—she’s not acting like someone who’s ready to be married. Instead, she’s treating the show like a game, with James being the grand prize.

Second, Victoria’s presence is having a negative impact on the other contestants. It would be one thing if she actually seemed interested in James (rather than fame), but that’s not the case. Her actions serve one purpose and one purpose only: to get under the other women’s skin. If she gets a rose, her actions are going to continue to impact the mental well-being of the contestants, who don’t deserve the added drama.

Is Victoria entertaining? Yes. But at what point should the producers draw the line? It’d be a bummer if a worthy contestant lost out on the opportunity to date James simply because the producers chose Victoria instead, knowing she would cause drama. We’ll let you be the judge.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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