Yes, New Bachelor Matt James Was Pantless During His ‘GMA’ Appearance

The Bachelor’s first Black lead, Matt James, just recreated one of Good Morning America’s most viral moments since we all started quarantining at home.

It all started earlier today, when ABC named James the next Bachelor during an appearance on Good Morning America. Shortly after the broadcast, BiP alum Tyler Cameron (who just so happens to be James’s BFF) shared a video on his Instagram Story, which confirmed that James didn’t wear pants during his GMA interview. Seriously.

matt james no pants bachelor

In the screenshot above, James is sitting in front of a ring light with the caption, “Let’s go @mattjames919.” The real estate broker, 28, is wearing formal attire from the waist up, featuring a salmon jacket over a navy button-down shirt. Just below the camera’s view, he’s wearing little else.

There’s a good chance he was inspired by Will Reeve, who became famous for not wearing pants in a now-viral GMA appearance. (The reporter didn’t realize that his camera was zoomed out enough to show his entire body, so he readied his top half, thinking his legs would be cut from the frame.) James hasn’t confirmed whether the move was an intentional nod to the now-viral moment.

Coincidence or not, James’s involvement with The Bachelor is a pretty big deal, since he’ll make history as the show’s first Black male lead. The news came just a few days after former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay called out ABC for its lack of diversity, accusing the network of systemic racism.

James’s season is expected to air sometime in 2021.

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