Amy Schumer Says She’s Stepping Down from 'Royal Duties' Following Meghan & Harry’s Announcement

Looks like Amy Schumer is following in the footsteps of Meghan Markle once again.

On Wednesday, the I Feel Pretty star, posted on Instagram following the announcement that Markle and Prince Harry are stepping back as senior members of the royal family. In her post, Schumer made the announcement that she too will be stepping down from royal responsibilities.

“Chris and I are formally stepping down from our royal duties,” she captioned the Instagram pic. “We appreciate your support.” LOL.

In the photo we see the 38-year-old being pushed on a beach wheelchair by her husband Chris Fischer.

This is not the first time that Schumer has drawn parallels between herself and the royal couple. Back in 2018, the comedian announced she was expecting her first child with an Instagram of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their Australia tour—except her and husband Chris Fischers faces were pasted over Harry’s and Markle’s. (Genius.)

The following year, when Schumer welcomed her son Gene, she referred to the newborn as the “royal baby” in a birth announcement. The caption was a clear nod to the duke and duchess, who welcomed their first child hours after her.

In case you missed it, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they are breaking from their royal duties and becoming financially independent on their joint Instagram account and shared a lengthy caption explaining their decision.

So, now that neither is weighed down with royal responsibilities anymore, does this mean we could possibly see Schumer and Markle on a future project together?