Stop Everything: Ali Wong’s Netflix Rom-Com ‘Always Be My Maybe’ Has a Brand-New Trailer

If we were to imagine the rom-com of our dreams, Ali Wong’s Netflix film, Always Be My Maybe, just might be it. And now the comedian—and our imaginary bestie—just dropped a full-length trailer for the rom-com, and it’s just as glorious as we’d hoped.

Starring Wong, Randall Park and Keanu Reeves, the laugh-out-loud comedy will hit the small screen on May 31.

Here’s the deal: Sasha (Wong) seems like she has it all—a fabulous career as a celebrity chef, an amazing house and a handsome fiancé. Cue her husband-to-be getting cold feet and leaving Sasha on her own. Luckily, she has her childhood friend Marcus (Park) to hang out with.

But just as Marcus is ready to tell her that he’s in love with her, Sasha tells him that she’s met someone. (Classic rom-com set-up.) And she's not just seeing anyone—she met a guy that she’s having “insane, freaky-ass sex” with (that would be Reeves). The chemistry between the two of them will have you audibly cringing—and laughing.

We can only assume that what happens next is an adorable and laugh-out-loud journey as the two longtime friends navigate their complicated feelings and love lives, all set to an amazing Mariah Carey soundtrack.

Wong is a busy lady. In addition to writing a book and parenting two daughters, she also teamed up with Tiffany Haddish for a brand-new adult comedy series called Tuca & Bertie, where the duo star as animated birdwomen, also on Netflix this month. (It basically sounds like a female version of Bojack Horseman.)

Honestly, the more Ali Wong in our lives, the better. Is it May 31 yet?

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