2 Surprising Things Homebuyers Want Right Now, According to the Property Brothers

For the past three years, we swooned over Zillow listings that touted home offices, getaway gardens or spa-like bathrooms—anything that transformed a house into, well, whatever we needed it to be, because we were doing pretty much everything there. Times have (thankfully) changed, and so have our dream home’s amenities.

Nobody knows this better than Drew and Jonathan Scott, AKA the Property Brothers, who spend all day, every day, thinking about home sales and renovations (for their clients and HGTV shows). That’s why we turned to them to find out what homebuyers really want these days.

So what’s making people go gaga over a house? Spacious, airy kitchens are as popular as ever (a December 2022 Chase Home Lending survey found it was the most in-demand home feature), but two other key spaces are emerging—and they’re far less expected.

white laundry room with blue floors, one feature homeowners want, according to the property brothers
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1. Luxe Laundry Rooms

The theme of the 2023 dream home could easily be summed up as: “things that make your life simpler,” which is why Drew Scott says well-organized laundry rooms are on the rise. It’s typically an afterthought in the homebuying process—until you realize it’s a pain to haul your dirty clothes down two flights of stairs every time they need a wash, or that the nook you figured you could just stuff a washer into…won’t exactly fit a standard-size machine.

The hottest designs are more of a “laundry suite, with a folding area, sink and cabinet storage,” Scott says. “Some have special features, like a steam closet that dries clothes for you,” so you can skip a trip to the dry cleaner. Those little conveniences can yield a major impact. (To that end, Jonathan Scott recommends looking for homes where the laundry room is on the same floor as most bedrooms. Some high-end homes are even adding a washer and dryer to a walk-in closet.)

modern room with a retro vibe that could double as an entertaining room, a trend the property brothers are seeing
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2. '70s-Style Entertaining Rooms

We’re in the midst of a ‘70s decor revival, and that’s extends to home layouts. “Big entertaining rooms—an area with a dance floor—are making a comeback,” Jonathan Scott told us. “We had moved away from that, but some of our young couples are asking to put that back in.”

After years apart, we’re eager to host again, and you don’t need a sunken living room to make it happen. Scott suggests converting basements, garages and bonus spaces into retro-inspired hangouts. Just keep the furniture cushy for lounging—yet easy enough to move toward the walls when you want to get moving. And if you’re really feeling the ‘70s aesthetic, stick to earth tones and layer in plenty of textures. Shag rug optional.

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