The Property Brothers Renovated This House in 2014—Here's What It's Like Today

It’s Sunday night, you’ve just finished doing the dishes and it’s *finally* time to settle in bed and binge your favorite show: Property Brothers. Ah yes, we never tire of watching Jonathan and Drew Scott buy, renovate and outfit a home on HGTV. And, if you’re anything like us, you’re probably wondering: What happens to these properties after the episode airs? Well, in the case of Beatriz and Brandon, a couple featured in season six of the show, you list your home as a vacation rental in Buckhead, Atlanta.

Chip and Joanna Gaines Renovated This Home 7 Years Ago—Here's How It's Held Up

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What Did The Property Brothers Change In The Renovation?

Clocking in at just over 2,400 square feet, the original property featured four bedrooms—including a spacious master bedroom—as well as two and a half bathrooms. It also included a massive, unfinished basement that would be ideal for entertaining and hosting guests. The previous homeowners renovated the kitchen with brand new cabinets, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and stone flooring. It also boasted an expansive living room, a dining room and a patio that overlooks the property's one-acre backyard.

So, the goal behind this property flip was to play up the value of its square footage by maximizing the potential of the basement. “Ultimately, I’m going to give them a great lounging space to entertain, a spare bedroom for visiting in-laws or guests, and a full bathroom with a glass-enclosed shower stall,” Jonathan explains at the beginning of the episode.

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Jonathan transformed the open, unfinished basement with dark engineered hardwood floors and a light color palette, with medium-taupe painted walls throughout. He started by adding a media room with a lounging area, featuring a sectional and projection screen TV (more on this below). Then, he added a guest room with a queen bed and a sizable linen closet for guests. They also installed a small wine bar under the staircase that boasted quartz countertops and an under-mount sink.

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The real showstopper, however, was the addition of a full bathroom, which featured a large vanity with a modern angular sink, a glass-enclosed shower stall with a rainfall showerhead and sleek, contemporary porcelain tiles that would be easy to maintain.

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What Were Some Of The Property’s Main Issues Before Its Renovation (and Were They Resolved)?

Initially, they had to bring in an outside company to redo the home’s foundation support. Originally, there was a four-inch difference between the top of the wall to the bottom, causing it to tilt inward. As a solution, they installed massive 8-inch by 8-inch steel posts to hold up that wall. They also added waterproof panels behind each beam (to protect against water damage) and custom plates that were lagged into the joists for additional support.

The home inspection also revealed evidence of mold, which required bringing in an outside specialist. To eradicate this, the specialist cleaned up all of the wood surfaces before spraying them with a solution that would keep the mold away. Beatriz was also concerned that the basement would be too dark, so they installed recessed lighting overhead throughout the entire space.

Lastly, Jonathan had planned on purchasing a brand new projector and screen for the media room, but there wasn’t enough room left in their budget. As a compromise, he repaired their old projector and had his crew install it (without going over budget).

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How Has Everything Held Up, Eight Years Later?

“The property hasn’t been well kept up over the years and a number of issues kept a good stay from being a great stay,” says Ian G in a review, after his stay at the property in April 2021. “While the [basement] was renovated by Property Brothers and two of the bathrooms have been updated, most of the house is much older and dated,” he explains. “Downstairs, the foosball table and treadmill in the pictures have been removed (this is correctly noted in the pictures)." He, along with other reviewers, also mention that the projector failed to work. “While it does turn on, it’s not correctly fastened to its mount. The remotes left for the guest don’t match the equipment, and it is so loud it isn’t worth using anyway.”

Though the Scotts also installed an HVAC wall during the renovation for more even heating and cooling, a few reviewers complained about having issues with it during their stay. "This gives us a good punch list to make future stays great instead of just good," the hosts replied to Ian's review (which he ultimately gave four stars, citing its spaciousness, location and reasonable price). They also noted that they have two Nest thermostats to help control the house's temperature and ad hoc heaters in various rooms, in case someone prefers a warmer room to another.

Since then, all but one review has given the home five stars. Given its size and proximity to major sports arenas, it's been a popular pick for girls' weekends and bachelor parties. "This house was perfect," writes Brenda Z., who stayed there in March 2022. "Large, roomy and comfortable...Looking forward to returning."

Wanna check this place out for yourself? Click here to learn more about this property and book your next getaway to Buckhead, Atlanta.

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