11 Small Home Office Ideas That'll Make You Want to Never Want to Leave the House

Ever dreamed of working in your sweatpants and having your dog or kids by your side all day? Well, these days working remotely is very common and even has some benefits (increased productivity and drives employee efficiency, according to a 2018 study). And the best part is you don’t need some huge, fancy home office to do so. These small home office ideas prove that what you may lack in square footage can be made up for in spades with the right decor.


small home office ideas white desk
Home Polish

1. Go All White

Match your desk, shelves and chair color to the wall to visually open up your workspace.

2. Add Cheerful Accents

Or add one strong pop of color--like this teal desk--to brighten up (and finally make use of) that odd corner of your living room you never knew what to do with.

3. Try Under The Stairs

A tad better than Harry Potter’s cupboard, don’t you think?

4. Use Natural Materials

Fact: Wood paneling makes everything cozier.

5. Add Fluffy Touches

As do plush rugs and throws.

small home office ideas kicthen office

6. Try The Kitchen Counter

An office in your kitchen? It doesn’t get much more efficient than that.

7. Or The Bedside Table

OK, we retract that last statement. This is the “get s#%t done” ideal.

8. Try A Closet Office

Need a break from working? Turn your linen closet into a hidden office and you can shut the door at 5 p.m.

small home office ideas hidden desk
Urban Outfitters

9. Or A Hidden Desk

Or you could mount a fold-down desk to the wall and use it whenever you need.

small home office ideas bright wallpaper
Design Sponge

10. Opt For Bright Wallpaper

Some fresh wallpaper and a shelf can transform that tiny closet (you know, the one you store your umbrellas and used shopping bags in) into a charming little alcove.

11. Even Try A Working Ledge

Prefer an office with a view? Add a long shelf along a window and soak in the rays as you work.

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