17 Tiny but Mighty Spaces with Killer Design

Nooks and crannies to make you oooh and ahhh

The era of McMansion worship is long over (thank God), and small spaces are finally getting some well-earned respect in the design world.

So whether you reside in a 3,000-square-foot palace or a 300-square-foot micro-studio, chances are you’ve at least got a little alcove, niche or vestibule that deserves some love. Here’s your inspiration.

A matching set of side tables takes up less space than a coffee table. (Really!)

For the reading-in-bed set, we present: The best little book nook, where shelves double as steps and under-the-bed storage abounds.

Eliminating sharp corners makes maneuvering in this small bathroom a helluva lot easier.

When space is truly at a premium, the skinniest bookshelves become your very best friend.

Speaking of storage, we can’t get enough of this light-filled nook. The elevated bed takes advantage of vertical space and the blonde wood brightens everything.

A twee TV blends right in to this gallery wall.


While bright bold hues and eclectic decor add major personality to this tiny-ass apartment.

Turn your under-the-stairs space into a cushioned dog den for the family pet…or your most nimble child.

Apartment Therapy

Repeat after us: Built-ins, built-ins, built-ins.

World’s cutest patio, world’s tiniest “lawn.”

Hang a floating shelf in any corner to spare valuable floor space.

Or use that nightstand as a desk.


Proof that ghost chairs (and layered area rugs) are everything. Here they help define and separate an intimate seating area.

This compact kitchenette still boasts big character thanks to colorful cabinets, which nicely offset the industrial feel of the rack shelving.

Edward Addeo

Built-in steps and cabinets turn a weirdly angled alcove into the reading corner of our dreams. (Just add a blanket and a hot cocoa.)


Bet your dorm room was never this chic (yeah, ours neither).

And for all the extremists out there: A 196-square-foot apartment, home to a couple, a baby and a Great Dane. Allegedly.

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