The One Thing the Property Brothers Want You to Know Before Buying a House in 2023

The Property Brothers have built their careers buying and selling homes, so as we look into the state of the housing market in 2023, it seemed only natural to turn to them for insights: What’s the biggest mistake people make when buying a home these days?

There was no hesitation—the problem they’re seeing today is the same one they’ve seen for years. “People focus on the pretty and get stuck,” Drew Scott told PureWow over the phone. “They say, ‘The kitchen’s just been renovated, and it’s so beautiful; I’ll never find another house like that.’” (That room, in particular, can really make or break a space: A December 2022 Chase Home Lending survey found that a large kitchen was the most in-demand feature of a dream home. The brothers recently partnered with the bank to discuss these trends, hence our interview.)

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With the housing market as chaotic as it has been over the past three years, it’s tempting to focus on that one dream amenity, jumping to make an offer on the home to secure it. After all, haven’t we all heard endless stories of bidding wars over houses? And with mortgage rates constantly shifting, don’t you want to take advantage of its sudden downturn?!

But before you start placing offers, there’s one thing the HGTV stars want you know. “You will always find another house that’s just as good or better,” Drew says. “Always.”

That can be hard to believe, especially after touring your fair share of fixer uppers with all kinds of less-than-desirable “surprises,” but over the years, it’s proven true for the Property Brothers time and time again.

That’s why they recommend creating two lists before you ever start seriously looking at houses: one of must-haves and one of no-go’s, or dealbreakers. With those in mind, you have a clear picture of what you want, and what you will (and won’t) settle for. As you craft that list, you should also keep in mind how you will grow with the home: Are you planning on having kids in the next few years? Are you nearing retirement and may want to downsize? Look for a house that could meet your needs today—and a few years from now.

The house you buy may not check off every must-have, but you can then assess how what it does have compares to what you’re giving up to get it. And if the sacrifices outweigh the squeals, it’s time to keep looking.

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