As a home editor, shopping for new furniture, décor and gadgets is kind of my job. At least that’s what I tell myself when I ruthlessly click “add to cart” throughout the week. Because someone has stay on top of what’s new in the market and aggressively test products to discern what’s pure hype versus what’s truly worth your dollars (head to our PureWow100 review series for more on that). Add to that, the fact that I’m currently in the process of buying a house (!), and suddenly, I have more tabs open than my computer can process. Out of the thousands of products I’ve seen this spring, here are the top ten finds I’ve been talking about nonstop—and budgeting to add to my own home, too.

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1. MistyMate Outdoor Misting Kit

Summer is coming, and I’m dreaming of a backyard oasis. Only in Florida, that means coping with scorching temperatures, which is where this 20-foot, UV-resistant hose comes in. You can mount it along your patio or pergola, and it sprays an ultra-fine mist to keep you feeling cool and refreshed, even on the stickiest days.


2. Jay Import Storage Bench

Storage benches can often be bulky and cheesy looking; not so with this sleek, leggy number. At 30 inches long and 19 inches wide, it’s really only big enough to stow a throw blanket and a couple of board games, but hey, every square inch counts. (Plus, I’ll have easy access to the essentials whenever the mood strikes for a Telestrations throwdown.)

BUY IT ($100)

3. Luxome Bamboo Sheets

Warmer days ahead also means updating my bed with cool, breathable sheets. After sampling a few types of bamboo sheets, I found myself really impressed by how soft and silky Luxome’s bedding feels. Plus, the 17-inch pockets make slipping on the fitted sheet a breeze.


4. Cleancult Laundry Detergent

Chocolate milk, ice cream and spaghetti stains were no match for this eco-friendly laundry detergent. The Juniper Sandalwood scent is reminiscent of fancy candle, though it’s subtle enough that your clothes won’t smell like you’ve coated yourself in body spray or anything. One 32-ounce bottle wil last you 64 loads of laundry, and each refill carton comes in 100 percent recyclable packaging. It’s enough to make me a convert.

BUY IT ($10)

5. Limitless Innovation ChargerHub

In our digitally driven world, I don’t know of anyone who isn’t constantly in need of an extra outlet. This charging hub features five USB ports, so I can corral all of my gadgets in one place. Sure, it’s not the chicest station, but it’s compact and reliable—which is more than I can say for some of the other brands I’ve tried.

BUY IT ($40)

6. Kook Ceramic Plates

I love the heft and feel of these 10-inch, matte ceramic plates. They’re sturdy, easy to stack (the rim is very low) and they’re dishwasher safe. Plus, in this soft mint hue, they’re just the spring-y pop of color my table has been missing, without coming off as treacly. (But if you’re not into this pale green, you can also score ‘em in gray, white or light blue.)


7. Pura x Capri Blue Diffuser Scents

Psst: Have you ever walked into an Anthropologie store and wondered why it smells so freaking good? A friend (and former Anthro employee) clued me in: It’s Capri Blue’s Volcano. And it turns out you can get the scent as a Pura smart diffuser fragrance. It’s a sugar-meets-citrus scent that will have you dreaming of an island getaway, and, via your Pura diffuser, you can schedule it to go off at different times of the day. (For me, it’s my end-of-the-workday signal to help me unwind and step away from the laptop.) The scent capsule from Pura will set you back $32 for two capsules; and each has lasted me about six months of near-daily use.

BUY IT ($76)

8. Birdy Side Table

In my mind, no room is complete without one piece that’s ridiculously whimsical. This bird leg table certainly fits the bill—and at 13 inches in diameter, it’s just the right size to fit beside an armchair without making even the tiniest space feel cluttered.

BUY IT ($99)

9. Blue and Gold Lotus Flower Ring Dish

Confession: After spending so much time at home, I've developed a bad habit of taking my rings off everywhere and leaving them...everywhere. This porcelain dish will give me a dedicated spot for my jewelry, so when I'm washing my hands, I don't risk leaving them loose on a windowsill. (I found it when browsing Camila Alves McConaughey's Amazon Handmade gift guide and became instantly obsessed with its heirloom quality.)


10. Yale Smart Cabinet Lock

As the mom of a toddler, babyproofing has become a way of life. And since I’m considering getting in on the Airbnb game, I’ve been looking into options for locking up cleaning supplies—or alcohol—that are a little more sophisticated than the typical safety latches. I’ve been impressed with Yale’s Smart Cabinet Lock. You can lock and unlock it using the Yale Access app on your phone (good for vacation rentals, so a guest can get in if needed, without you heading over). Plus, it locks from inside the cabinet, so you don’t have to stare at bulky straps and hooks, like most of the other designs.


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