5 Decor Trends That Are Officially Out for 2022

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Let’s face it: 2020 and 2021 were a sh*t show for everyone involved. However, if we’re going to dwell on the past, we might as well search for a silver lining. So, as much as we all despised lockdown, there was some good to emerge from everyone spending time at home: some really unique decor. Indeed, we can thank the pandemic for introducing funky shapes, nostalgic decor and cozy textures into our lives. And, while we thank these decorative staples for providing a much-needed distraction, it seems as if it’s time to bid some of them adieu.

“Using Google search data, we wanted to discover which trends have remained timeless, and which [had] their five minutes of fame by charting how dramatically interest in each trend has fluctuated over the last four years to reveal the most consistent trends,” explains experts at Atlas Ceramics in a recent trend report. What they found? Beyond the so-ubiquitous-they-became-cliché boob art and “gather” signs, there are five major home trends that are *done* in 2022. Read on for everything you need to know (plus five alternatives to bring home instead).

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1. Female Body Candles

Instead, Try: Mood Lighting

You know those nude bust candles that were all over Instagram during lock-down? As much as we love the body-positive messaging behind them, it seems as if these candles were more of a fleeting response to people spending more time at home. In fact, despite a peak between November 2020 and April 2021, searches for ‘female body candles’ dramatically dropped by 79.2 percent in the following six months, according to the report. So yes, candles will always be a decor staple, but it might be time to say goodbye to this style in particular. That said, if you’re still looking to make a statement in 2022, mood lighting is a great alternative. If you’d prefer not to deal with open flames—and want to cast a dreamier glow—consider a sunset projection lamp.

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2. Cottagecore

Instead, Try: Newstalgia

Ah yes, cottagecore. It’s that whimsical, cottage-style aesthetic that revived floral wallpaper, kitschy mix-and-match furniture and rustic touches to our homes in 2020. The look was cluttered, colorful and, uh, messy (to say the least). Its popularity has been on the decline since April 2021, according to the report, but that doesn’t mean the country vibe is totally out: Retro and shabby chic interiors are here to stay. 2022’s hottest trend is called Newstalgia, and it’s classing up the cottagecore vibe with retro furnishings and high-tech appliances. Think: ‘70s vintage pieces, Smeg appliances and timeless wall art. It’s basically cottagecore on steroids (without the clutter).

3. Boucle Chairs

Instead, Try: Armchairs with Curve Appeal

We’ve seen them everywhere: white, cozy barrel chairs with boucle fabric that says, “sink into me.” The look emerged at the height of the organic modern decor trend, along with natural materials and minimalist furnishings. However, unlike the aforementioned, it seems as if boucle textures are officially a thing of the past. But, have no fear—there’s a new furniture trend that we’re loving as a substitute: rounded furniture that softens all the harsh lines of a room—minus the pilly fabric. “Germany will be one of the markets driving the curve appeal trend in 2022. In this market, different design eras will come together: Searches for the glass ball lamp—inspired by mid-century modern pieces from the ‘60s—will rise, along with searches for bent sofa, which saw adoption across the ‘80s,” according to Pinterest’s 2022 report.

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4. Bum Vases

Instead, Try: Abstract Line Art

Another ubiquitous home staple to take off during COVID-19? Bum vases. For the past few years, these curvy figurines have popped up everywhere in our decor (oftentimes doubling as a chic flower vase). And we get why: They serve as an attractive, edgy statement piece that can add some oomph to a space. But, alas, according to the report, “They reached their peak popularity of 8,420 searches between November and April 2021, which has already dropped 119 percent in the last six months.” Still, we can’t help but love the sophisticated lines of these silhouettes. If you’re looking to keep that touch of elegance, we’d recommend hanging some understated, abstract line art for the same effect (think Henri Matisse, albeit on an Etsy budget).

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5. Twisted Candles

Instead, Try: Bespoke Candles

If you’re a frequenter of the #bendycandle hashtag on TikTok, you’re probably familiar with this mesmerizing fad. And, we’ll be the first to admit: It was hard to resist a video of these ordinary tapered candles being transformed into conversational pieces. That said, it seems as if the *oohs and ahhhs* have faded since the trend began in 2020. By November 2020, they flooded feeds everywhere, staying strong through April 2021, but not long after that, searches started to drop, the report found. And they haven’t recovered. Our advice? Instead of a sculptural candle, opt for a more bespoke scent that feels personal to you.

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