Here Are 7 Trends We’re Saying Goodbye to in 2022 (From Pasta Chips to Makeup Wipes)

This year’s viral trends came and went so quickly we feel like we’re suffering from cultural whiplash. There were corn ribs and carrot bacon, mullet-inspired haircuts, sunset lamps and increasingly chunky footwear. Some were fun. Some were kooky. But did these fads actually have legs? Not…always. (Disclaimer: We’re not in the business of telling you what you can and can’t like. At the time of typing, we’re wearing fuzzy Crocs and listening to One Direction.) But while the trend cycle continues spinning faster than we can keep up with (skinny jeans were out, then in ironically, then back out again), there are some things we’re certain won’t be coming with us next year. Below, 7 things we’re saying goodbye to in 2022, along with how to replace them.

5 Wellness Trends Everyone Will Be Trying in 2022

1. Pasta Chips

Instead, Try: Grandma's Baked Ziti

Thanks to this year’s air fryer craze, we watched as home cooks gave their favorite foods the fryer treatment. Green beans became crispy. Tofu became crunchy. But one food experiment rose to viral stardom above the rest: pasta chips, air-fried noodles paired with marinara or ricotta for dipping. Though we were lucky enough not to break a tooth on the rigatoni, we quickly realized the trending snack would never live up to its boiled, perfectly al-dente predecessor. In fact, Pinterest’s 2022 report predicts a return of traditional flavors over trendy ones. Users are craving the family recipes their grandparents cooked up to offer comfort in these uncomfortable times. So sure, wacky foods rake in the views on TikTok, but once you put the phone down, break out the pasta machine and try whipping up Grandma’s baked ziti (it’ll never go out of style).

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2. Chunky Dad Sneaks

Instead, Try: '70s-Inspired Kicks

Dad sneakers clomped onto the scene a few years ago and we embraced the strangely endearing soles wholeheartedly (along with Dad jeans and Dad button-downs). They were giant, colorful and…difficult to pull off. But while we’ll tell you dad shoes are on their way out, we won’t tell you to stop rummaging through your parents' closets quite yet. 2022’s sneakers will still read retro, but this time we’re taking it back to the ‘70s. Think: earthy hues, high tops and natural textures seen in the Asics X SVD collab, New Balance’s XC-72 or the brown Chuck Taylors popping up all over our TikTok feeds. Some fashion lovers are even dipping their kicks into coffee to achieve the vintage look. File that under our new favorite way to recycle espresso grounds.

Shop ‘70s-inspired sneakers: Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneaker ($60), Rag & Bone Retro Runner ($192), Everlane ReLeather Court Sneaker ($110)

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3. Decanting Everything

Instead, Try: Sustainable Packaging

If you’re a frequenter of #OrganizationTikTok, you’ve probably seen people storing household items—detergent pods, shampoo, granola, orange juice—inside labeled glass or plastic containers. We admit, seeing 100 Oreos stacked inside a shiny canister satisfies our animalistic need for order. But in 2022 as we aim for sustainable home solutions, the decanting trend feels outright wasteful. Why transfer goodies from their original plastic packaging into reusable jars when there are sustainable packaging options available? Think: body soap bars, wool dryer balls or reusable cloth cotton rounds.

Shop our eco-friendly home picks: Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash ($8), Kind Laundry Detergent Sheets ($19.75), Plastic Free Pursuit Shampoo Bar ($14), Three Bluebirds Swedish Dish Cloths ($14.99)

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4. Head-to-Toe Mid-Century Modern

Instead, Try: Newstalgia

In the Before Times, our homes were a respite from the chaos of work deadlines, dentist appointments, soccer practices and dinner dates. We needed simple, streamlined rooms to unwind…until we needed to stare at them for over a year. And in this confinement, we found that our ubiquitous and homogenous midcentury décor, from skinny-legged dining tables to not-so-snuggly wood-and-leather Eames chairs, just weren’t cutting it. These days, we’re yearning for visual intrigue and eclectic spaces that tell stories, and include pieces from many different eras. Enter: Newstalgia, the love child of the vintage and maximalist movements. This year, we’ll be stacking Mom’s teacup collection on top of chic open shelving and covering our bathroom with psychedelic wallpaper. Who’s ready to hit the antique shop?

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5. Cookie-Cutter Contouring

Instead, Try: Embracing Your Face

We’ve all seen tutorials that instruct us to paint dark stripes across our faces in order to achieve the “ideal” oval face shape. But these days, sculpting razor-sharp cheekbones feels a little arduous for a grocery run or an al fresco lunch with friends. The “musts” that were hammered into our brains before age 10 are coming undone (You “must” draw an arch on straight brows and a cupid’s bow onto small lips). Next year, we’re finally stepping away from cookie-cutter Instagram makeup and coming to accept, even accentuate, our distinct features. Make freckles darker, highlight a crooked nose and pencil downturned eyes even further down.

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6. Going on a Million Dates

Instead, Try: A Video Preview

The pandemic changed the way we (fill in the blank). This time, we’re talking about dating. Rather than exchanging a few messages before meeting up for drinks, dating app users become wary of in-person hangouts amid COVID-19 uncertainty. And so, dinner and a movie got swapped for video calls and voice memos. But even as lockdown orders have lessened, people are still interested in an introductory FaceTime. Per Match’s Singles in America report, “71% of singles say video chatting helped determine if they wanted to meet up in person, and 47% think it helps avoid a bad date.” Better to find out that your date hates Golden Retrievers via Zoom before committing to a face-to-face interaction.

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7. Makeup Wipes

Instead, Try: Cleansing Oils, Balms and Micellar Waters

We kept a pack next to our bed for lazy late-night cleansing and another in our gym bag for a post-workout refresh. Yep, makeup wipes were once a staple in our skincare routines. But these days, there are plenty of eco-friendly options for wiping away mascara. After all, the single-use towelettes are made up of plastic fibers like polyester and polypropylene, which cannot break down. According to Business Waste, “We’re flushing away or binning an astonishing 11 billion wet wipes every year which can take up to 100 years to biodegrade.” Luckily, there are some stellar alternatives, like rich cleansing oils, balms, and micellar waters. In addition to being more environmentally conscious, they’re also gentler on your complexion (because rubbing at your skin with abandon is never a good idea).

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