The Best Clumping Cat Litter for Your Picky Feline

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Compared to housebreaking a dog, training a cat to use a litter box is relatively painless. That is, of course, unless your feline is finicky about litter or has health issues that cause more frequent bathroom breaks. When it comes to clumping litter, there are almost too many options to choose from. We rounded up some of the best, including a few newcomers we think are changing the clumping litter game (which yes, does actually exist).

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1. Best Seller on Amazon: Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter Ultra

Dr. Elsey’s makes a wide variety of litters geared toward different needs, but the Ultra version is a best seller on Amazon. This stuff (made of all-natural clay) is super versatile. It works in both automatic and manual litter boxes and can control the odor of multi-cat households.

2. Best for Tracking Your Cat’s Health: PrettyLitter

Whether or not your cat has already been diagnosed with kidney or bladder issues, PrettyLitter helps monitor changes in feline health. The litter actually changes color depending on the acidity of your cat’s urine. Basically, you’ll get a heads-up if anything is wrong well before your cat might display outward signs of discomfort. (This makes it a great choice for those with senior cats too.) It’s delivered to your door and one bag lasts an entire month.

3. Best Eco-Friendly Litter: ökocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter

Made from sustainably sourced natural wood fiber, this litter by ökocat is biodegradable. Plus, you’ll be able to say goodbye to running waste outside to a dumpster or trash can every day, because this stuff is flushable!

4. Best for Long-Haired Cats: ökocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter Long Hair

Also from ökocat, this litter caters to long-haired cats. If you have a cat with luxurious locks, you know why this is so revolutionary. No longer must you detangle turds from your cat’s fur! The cylindrical shape of the litter pellets makes tangles much less common.

5. Best for Allergies: World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula

Cats and people can be allergic to certain types of litter, especially if it kicks up a lot of dust. World’s Best creates super small, compact clumps that make cleanup easy (another flushable formula here) and reduce dust almost completely. How do they do it? The pellets are made out of corn.

6. Best for Kittens: Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter

While kittens adopted from rescue centers may already be litter-box trained, some kittens never learned where to go—and others forget everything upon entering a new home. To entice your kitties to use the litter box, go with Dr. Elsey’s again. It uses natural herbs to guide kittens to the bathroom.

7. Best for Senior Cats: Boxiecat Premium Clumping Cat Litter, Scent-Free

If your aging cat starts to get picky about litter out of nowhere, chances are the perfumey smell or rough texture of your current litter is getting to him. Go for something that’s unscented (as cats age, they can grow more sensitive to smells) and super soft on their paw pads. This pick from Boxiecat also quick-clumping, making cleanup faster and preventing waste from reaching the bottom of the litter box right away.

8. Best for Families: BoxiePro Air Probiotic Cat Litter

Boxiecat also makes a litter that’s formulated to prevent cats from tracking germs all over your house. This litter is full of probiotics that continuously clean litter pellets microscopically, making it harder for your cat to track the gross stuff everywhere, which is ideal if you have babies crawling on your floor.

9. Best Lightweight Litter: Tidy Cats Lightweight Free and Clean Unscented Clumping Cat Litter

City dwellers who have to climb three flights of stairs on the daily will appreciate any attempt to make cat litter less heavy. This version of Tidy Cats not only weighs about half as much as its original-formula counterpart but also comes in an easy-to-pour container.