8 Stylish Ways to Make Your Bedroom a Chic Getaway

Go to your room...and enjoy it


You keep your entry clutter-free, and your living room is a total Zen den. But why does your bedroom look like a dumping ground for mismatched furniture and unwashed laundry?

Poor bedrooms. Often because they’re not on view for the neighbors, they’re dead last in getting a design refresh.

Science proves it: Soothing colors and a calm environment equal better sleep, which equals more sanity. So, your bedroom should be your sanctuary. Ahead, a few simple, minimalist-inspired updates that’ll make your bedroom more like a temple…and less like a tent.

The White Company

Color Coordinate

A monochromatic room soothes the senses, as the eye tends to rest when there aren’t lots of colors from weird tchotchkes lying around (put away your high school pom-poms, please). Focus on your nightstand, choosing neutral accents and grouping them together. Here, a lacquered tray and an alarm clock complement the antique silver vases (extra credit for the white blooms, too).

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Get A Robe

You have wardrobes for work, working out and weekend lazing. Why not invest in a silky robe for lounging in your boudoir? The ritual of slipping into a this-is-for-my-bedroom-only uniform makes your space feel like that much more of a retreat. Plus, a robe is way more chic than ratty sweatpants (those are so living-room-only).


Sleep On It

Let’s face it: You can’t truly call your bedroom a “retreat” if you’re still tucking yourself into the sad old threadbare sheets you bought for your college apartment. Investing in bedding that looks and feels luxurious will elevate your entire space. (Remember: You spend 26 years of your life in bed.) The sheets in Calvin Klein’s Acacia Bedding Collection are 500-thread-count pima cotton sateen (in other words: buttery soft). And the design is soothing and tranquil--delicate acacia branches in a painterly finish. If ever there were an excuse to catch more z’s, this is it.

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Look To Unique Lighting

Yes, string lights can look refined. Hear us out: The key to keeping them chic (and not looking like Christmas decorations you were too lazy to take down) is arranging them in an unusual spot. Wrapped around an antique ladder, these globes create ambient softness. No antique ladders lying around? String the lights near a mirror to double the glow.

Apartment Therapy

Layer Rugs Like A Lady

If your style is more “bohemian dream” than “minimalist,” layering area rugs is your friend on the floor. By piling tapestries of all sizes, colors and textures, you can get a visual feast that’s slightly undone and totally sexy. It’s a cozy trick to help you handle those chilly fall mornings, too. We’ve got a few helpful suggestions here.

Design Sponge

Put A Plant On It

There’s no way around it: Plants just make us happy. Punctuate a neutral palette with something green (the more architectural, the better) and embrace low-maintenance varieties, like cacti and aloe.

Invest In (better) Candles

Long gone are the days of those overbearingly fake pine-tree-scented candles. A more grown-up (and subtle) fragrance is what’s called for. These candles are cult favorites for good reason: The sophisticated scents delight and relax, plus the pretty glass containers look so lovely on display (and become chic storage after the candle is gone). Mix and match different scents to create your own intimate ambience.

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Keep Things Clear

Even if you don’t live in the Palace of Versailles, your tiny bedroom can still feel stately. Take the Louis Ghost chair: This contemporary design favorite keeps your space light and elegant (and can handle a stray wet towel or two). Bonus: Its mobility means you can switch up a smaller space as needed.

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