I’m a 30-Something Quarantining with My Parents. Here’s Our 2-Week Meal Plan

With store runs reduced to a minimum, PayPal makes shopping for groceries online a seamless experience with delivery services and stores that accept PayPal. Check out safely and securely with just a few clicks or enable faster PayPal checkout to skip entering your login information on your device for even easier access. We talked to one millennial who’s quarantining with her parents about how she’s been navigating two weeks’ worth of dinners now that meal planning has changed. Here’s what she had to say. (As told to Angela Pares.)

“On the list of things I never thought I’d say about my 30s, quarantining with my parents in my childhood home during a pandemic is high up there. It’s been nice to have this time together, but dinner time has turned into a bit of a ‘Battle of the Sexes.’ My mother and I are pescatarians while my brother and father are red meat eaters who would probably have burgers for breakfast if they didn’t think we would judge them. My cooking skills are more closely compared to a contestant on ‘Nailed It’ rather than ‘Top Chef,’ but I think after three months of quarantine, I’ve figured out how to make quick and easy meals for my mom and me. And, somehow, we’re all able to sit down to dinner together at the same time. Here’s our 2-week dinner plan...or at least what my mom and I had.”

I’m a Mom of 2, and This Is My 2-Week Quarantine Meal Plan

Week 1

Monday: Chickpea And Cucumber Salad With Sweet Potato

“Easiest salad ever. I sauté red onion in a little red wine vinegar then toss in a bowl with cucumbers, chickpeas, olive oil, a little more red wine vinegar and dill. I split a sweet potato with mom and we each stuff pitas with the mix. This salad is even better the next day after it has time to marinate.”

amys veggie burger
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Tuesday: Veggie Burgers On Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Muffins

“I save some of the red onions from the night before and throw them on an Amy’s veggie burger patty with cheddar cheese. I whip up a quick side salad of mixed greens, cucumbers and tomato and we have an easy side for all four of us to share.”

Wednesday: Tuna Salad On Greens

“My dad chips in for this one. He has a great take on tuna salad. Dice up gherkin pickles, bell pepper and celery and throw it in with the tuna, horseradish and mayo. I put this on top of some fresh kale and have plenty left over for lunch tomorrow.”

Thursday: Salmon With Dill And Lemon

“My dad’s new favorite toy is his sous vide, so I let him take this one, too. At the beginning of quarantine, we got freezer bags and put various fish in them to freeze. We threw lemon and dill in with each salmon pack. Super easy and you don’t have to worry about the dill staying fresh.”

penne with tomato basil sauce
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Friday: Banza Pasta With Marinara Sauce

“I feel like I’m eating carbs, but none of the guilt. Banza chickpea pasta has been an easy option to have on hand. I throw on a little Rao’s marinara sauce and some cheese and it’s good to go.”

shrimp skewers with pinneapple salsa
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Saturday: Shrimp Skewers With A Mango And Pineapple Salad

“We’ve been doing curb side pick-up from a local favorite restaurant of ours. We want to support them while they’re closed, but also, it’s nice to have a day off from prepping and cooking. This week we’re getting shrimp skewers with a mixed green salad topped with pineapple, mango and coconut. We buy the larger portion so we have more for lunch the next few days.”

Sunday: Spaghetti Squash Casserole

“Mom and I tag team this one: She roasts a spaghetti squash and I scrap out the innards to layer with tomato sauce, some frozen kale and probably more mozzarella cheese than I should be adding. After serving dinner for each of us, this leaves at least two more lunches.”

Week 2

Monday: Spicy Sweet Potato Tacos

“Rather than shredding the sweet potato for this, I had a bag of frozen sweet potato hash. I heat that up and split an avocado with my mom giving each of us 3 mini tacos.”

Tuesday: Eggs And Sweet Potato Hash

“Easiest way to make the most out of the Spicy Sweet Potato Tacos: I warm up the hash in a skillet and throw an egg in. I still have tortillas leftover so mom and I each split the mix of eggs and hash and throw them in the tortillas.”

avocado toast
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Wednesday: Avocado Toast

“Mom went and got sourdough bread from a curbside pick-up at a local bakery. So, while the guys are dunking their bread in beef stew, we’re taking the last avocado and making avocado toast. I add in an egg on each for some protein.”

Thursday: Coconut Shrimp And Snap Peas

“This is a meal we all love. I sit back while dad takes the reigns here. He mixes in some coconut flakes with the panko breading for extra sweetness. Dice up some shallots with the snow peas and sauté. It’s an easy and quick recipe, but I have no problem sitting back and letting dad be the chef for the pescatarians tonight.”

salmon fillet
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Friday: Salmon With A Yogurt Dill Sauce

“This is another night of picking up curbside from our favorite local restaurant. Mom and I are having salmon with a yogurt and dill sauce while the guys have pork that’s braised in bourbon. We all split sides of roasted carrots and asparagus with lemon zest before we’re each off to various Zoom meetups.”

Saturday: Pantry Dump Charcuterie

“It’s beautiful weather so we all grab lawn chairs and have a socially distanced happy hour with our neighbors. We had some olives, hummus, cheese and crackers that we throw together a charcuterie board for our family to snack on. Mom and I are stuffed from that, but dad and Joey fire up the grill for more burgers.”

Sunday: Chickpea Curry

“This recipe is one of my favorites because if you’re missing an ingredient, it’s fine—it still works somehow. I love throwing in extra ginger for more of a bite. This is also another great option for lunches the next few days.”

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