From Peanut Brittle Women to Adam Screwdrivers, Here’s the Ultimate 2020 Oscar Menu

It’s Oscar season, which means you have just a few more days to cram in every movie you meant to see in 2019 and plan the best viewing party ever—complete with punny snacks celebrating all of this year’s nominees. Since we know you have a lot of work to do (The Irishman alone might take you until the ceremony starts), cue up Netflix and leave the punning to us. See below for the ultimate menu.

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1. Appetizer: Leonardo Dicapresio Skewers

There’s only one combination more enticing than Brad and Leo in Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood: tomatoes and mozzarella. Start your party off right with this modern take on a classic duo. (Tip: Use a grill pan for those gorgeous marks on the halloumi.)

2. Soup: Gourd Vs. Ferrari

Pumpkins get a lot of love in the fall, but we’re of the opinion that this creamy, savory soup should be enjoyed all year round. It’s perfect for parties, served in these adorable mini pumpkins, but if you can’t find them in February, butternut squash will do in a pinch.

3. Entrée: Slow-cooker Pork Quentin Tarantacos

L.A. is a taco town, so it’s only right to honor Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino with some crispy carnitas. Plus, these set-it-and-forget-it tacos are an entertaining dream—they cook all day while you’re getting everything else ready.

4. Entrée: Chicken Margot Kebbabies

Much like their namesake, Bombshell’s Margot Robbie, these super simple kebabs are a thing of beauty. They get their flavor from a Middle Eastern spice blend: dried mint, oregano, cinnamon, coriander, cumin and nutmeg. Plus, the garlic yogurt dipping sauce is a total crowd-pleaser.

5. Side Dish: Joaquinoa Phoenix Salad

Joker star Joaquin Phoenix might be a little bit of a loose cannon, but this quinoa salad is a sure thing every time. Loaded with chickpeas, cucumbers, bell pepper and plenty of fresh herbs, it’s crunchy, healthy and super satisfying. Make extra—you’ll want to pack the leftovers for lunch all week long. 

6. Dessert: Peanut Brittle Women

We can imagine Marmee whipping up this crunchy, buttery treat on a Concord Christmas morning. It’s fantastic straight from the cookie sheet, but we also love it crumbled over a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

7. Dessert: The Two Popesicles

Who said ice pops were just for kids? These raspberry prosecco pops are festive, sophisticated and just the right amount of boozy. In other words, everything you want your party to be.

8. Drink: Adam Screwdrivers

We haven’t had a classic screwdriver (OJ and vodka) since our freshman year in college. But adding pineapple juice and a sprig of fresh mint transforms the bare-bones cocktail into something just a little more fun and festive in honor of Marriage Story star Adam Driver. Bonus: You can mix these up in a big batch, so you’re not manning the bar all night.

9. Drink: The Irishman Coffee

Joe Pesci and the gang probably ended their nights with an espresso and a cigar, but we’re partial to this warm winter cocktail instead. Make sure to leave plenty of room on top for whipped cream.