The 18 Best New Valentine’s Day Foods, Drinks & Candy to Get You Psyched for Feb. 14th

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best new valentine's day candy and food: funny face bakery cookies, featuring tie-dye hearts, harry styles and heart hands
Funny Face Bakery

Pink and red hearts are decorating store aisles, and it won’t be long before you need to order a bunch of sweets—and perforated, Hello Kitty or Spidey-adorned cards—for your kids’ classmates. If you really want to impress ‘em this year, opt for something they haven’t seen before. And get everyone in on the season of love with some delightfully cheesy (sometimes literally) foods that feel right on theme. Behold, the best new Valentine’s Day candy—and foods and drinks—to stock up on this year.

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We all know somebody who can quote just about every line from Friends. For that person, these candies are a must this Valentine’s Day. They feature 26 nods the series, like “UR MY LOBSTR,” “on a break” and “how you doin’?” So—like shouting “pivot!” any time you move furniture—they’re basically impossible to resist.

While it’s mildly upsetting to consider that gummy Lunchables are pretty much the same consistency as the meat and cheese in regular Lunchables, you have to admit…these treat boxes are pretty funny. And nostalgic. Was there anything more romantic in the second grade than someone willing to split their pepperoni pizza Lunchable with you?!

Ah, little bites of milkshake in candy-coated, snackable form. We don’t blame you if you don’t want to share.

Fact: The best Valentine’s Day cards were ones that included candy. Unlike Bruno, your kids will be the talk of the cafeteria when they roll up with Encanto-themed ones, which come with very Mirabel and Isabela-inspired gummy rings.

best new valentine's day candy and foods: godiva hearts filled with chocolate

Assorted chocolates can be hit or—let’s face it—mostly miss. Not so with Godiva’s assortment. Its 14-piece box features an array of milk, dark and white chocolate, with the occasional raspberry-, praline- or caramel-filled treat thrown in to keep things interesting. There’s not a bad bite to be found.

Millennials, prepare to meet Gen Z’s answer to Gushers: Welch’s Juicefuls. This riff is heart-shaped, and the juice-filled fruit snacks are cherry and strawberry-flavored, making them a perfect V-day treat that feels semi-virtuous (real fruit is the first ingredient, after all, and they’re free of the eight major allergens).

Your cup of hot cocoa just got so much more festive. The strawberry flavor is mild, adding just a touch of fruity sweetness, so it won’t overpower your drink–or whatever you serve ‘em with.

Described as “adult chocolate syrup,” this sauce adds a sweet-yet-tangy touch to anything it’s added to. Might we suggest using it as an unexpected topping for ice cream or fruit?

Nope, those aren’t lattes for Barbies—they’re actual peppermint mocha bonbons. Sugar Lab 3D prints peppermint-flavored sugar into the shape of a coffee cup, then fills it with espresso-dark chocolate ganache. Each six-pack is good for 12 weeks, but we doubt they’ll last that long on your kitchen counter.

Instead of bergamot, this variation on Cream of Earl Gray features rose, giving it a light, floral flavor. It’s a dreamier twist on your morning cup that feels fitting for Feb. 14th (or any day that could use a little oomph, honestly).

Round out that morning routine with a decadent-sounding, uh, cereal. Three Wishes, makers of high-protein, low-sugar, gluten-free cereals has brought back its limited-edition Valentine’s Day treat: chocolate-covered strawberry O’s. They’re made from chickpeas, instead of grains, and reviewers rave that it’s equally good in milk or atop yogurt.

Chocoholics, this one’s for you. Ben & Jerry’s partnered with Tony’s Chocolonely to create a custom pint of ice cream (and two limited-edition chocolate bars, one dark milk chocolate brownie bar and a white chocolate strawberry cheesecake bar). But let’s focus on the ice cream: It’s a decadent blend of chocolate ice cream with salted caramel swirls, gobs of caramel and chunks of sea salt fudge. Trust us when we say you’ll want to start stalking your grocery store’s freezer section for this one.

13. ‘You’re My Lover’ Sugar Cookies

Funny Face Bakery

OK, so Taylor Swift concert tickets were nearly impossible to snag; but you can splurge on your most Midnights-obsessed friend with these cookies from NYC’s Funny Face Bakery. They can be shipped nationwide, and if Taylor isn’t your cup of tea, you can also confess your love with a Yoda, Harry Styles or custom-designed treat.

These milk chocolate Kisses have a sweet strawberry filling, making them the budget-friendly, low-effort way to indulge in the flavors of a classic Feb. 14th treat without having to deal with tempering chocolate and all that.

While you could mix up your own V-day cocktails, you could also give yourself a break and pick up the Loverboy Date Night Duo. The pack comes with eight canned cocktails—four espresso martinis and four cosmopolitans—each at 12 percent ABV and less than 4 grams of sugar per serving. Pro tip: Pour the Cosmo over ice and add a spritz of lime to take it to the next level.

If you’re looking to go the DIY route this Valentine’s Day, Fancy Sprinkles has you covered with a complete kit to make 7-inch chocolate hearts, including molds, shimmery edible prism powder, festive sprinkles and a wooden mallet to smash it to bits when you’re ready to dig in.

You could pour pancake batter into cookie cutters and make heart-shaped flapjacks. To that end, you could even fold your kids’ napkins into origami flowers, just to show how much you care. But we think they’d be equally delighted with this low-effort, high-reward mix, which makes fluffy, lightly pink-hued pancakes studded with chocolate chips. Your call.

This trio of flavors could serve as teachers’ gifts this Valentine’s Day, though you may want to order a second set to keep to yourself. (Just being honest.) The Sweethearts Pack features bags of caramel popcorn along with its Belgian Chocolate Toffee and Strawberry Chocolate varieties (the latter is studded with freeze-dried strawberries, as well as a white chocolate drizzle). What’s even cooler, though, is Prospector Popcorn’s commitment to offering equal, competitive employment opportunities to people with disabilities, who compose 74 percent of the company’s workforce.

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