The 10 Best Valentine’s Day Cards for Everyone in Your Life

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You’ve already found the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, so you’re all set, right? Wrong. Because you need to pair the necklace for your BFF or the beer-making kit for your dad with the perfect card. What, exactly, is a perfect card? It’s one that’s not too corny or overly sappy but is still able to convey your feelings of love—all with great design. From super romantic messages to actually hilarious quips, here are ten of the best Valentine’s Day greeting cards.

candy hearts valentines day card

1. For Your Bad Ass Bff

A sweet message for the one who will never let you down or leave your side. You know, the Bonnie to your Clyde.

my favorite things valentines day card

2. For Your Math-loving Nerd

Take it back to basics and show your beloved business genius or Excel superstar just how much they mean to you. In pie-chart form, of course.

vday card 3

3. For Your Spouse Who Hates Actual Flowers

If you want a card that makes a statement, this 3-D masterpiece is the one for you.

vday card 4

4. For Your Work Wife

You may love your coworker, but giving her a sappy card would raise some eyebrows (especially in HR). This Peanuts card expresses her significance without being overtly romantic.

vday card 5
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5. For Your Travel Buddy

The intricate detail of this card makes it almost as good as frolicking through Europe. If you pair it with plane tickets to Venice, well, even better.

vday card 6
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6. For Your Mom, The Minimalist

Ideal for minimalists, this tree full of colorful hearts is so cute you’ll be tempted to give out these note cards all year long.  

vday card 7

7. For The Best Dad Ever

Because there’s not a person on the planet who wouldn’t enjoy reading a list of reasons they’re loved. And we really mean it about the whole chocolate thing.

vday card 8

8. For Your Forever Boo

Arthritis or a broken hip, whichever comes first.

vday card 9

9. For Your Always-hungry Partner

Every couple has had this question pop up one too many times throughout the relationship. There’s no doubt this will make your valentine chuckle.

vday card 10

10. For Your Nap Pal

If taking a quick daytime snooze is your favorite activity, giving this card will mean a whole lot to your sweetie.

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