10 French Desserts You're Probably Mispronouncing

You know how to fold a fancy napkin, the proper way to slice Brie and even how to make coq au vin. But are you totally embarrassing yourself when you try to order the crème brûlée from that elegant restaurant down the street? Here, ten French desserts you’re probably saying wrong.

11 International Foods You Might Be Pronouncing Wrong



The wrong way: Kraypz

The right way: Krehpz

Life lesson: If you want to sound fancy, say it the French way and roll the “r” a bit.

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Crème Brûlée

The wrong way: Kreem Brew-lee

The right way: Krehm Brew-lay

Don’t let all the crazy accents scare you.

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Petit Four

The wrong way: Puh-teet For

The right way: Puh-tee Foor

They are petite… So we’ll take four.

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The wrong way: Maah-duh-line

The right way: Mad-lenn

Not the small girl who walked in two straight lines.

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The wrong way: Ee-klar

The right way: Eh-klayr

As in “these chocolate-filled éclairs are très magnifique, eh?”

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The wrong way: Mack-uh-roon

The right way: Mack-ron

Not to be mistaken for the coconut cookies with the extra “o.”

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The wrong way: Coo-gun Ay-mun

The right way: Kween Uh-mawn

As in “Yasss, kween. These pastries are très bon.”

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The wrong way: Cuh-nell-ee

The right way: Cah-null-ay

These mini Bundt cakes are the cutest.


The wrong way: Bayg-net

The right way: Ben-yay

As in “Yay! We’re going to NOLA to eat beignets.”

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The wrong way: Klaw-phoo-tiss

The right way: Klah-phoo-tee

It’s a traditional dessert of black cherries covered in flan and confectioners’ sugar.