Whoops, We've Been Slicing Brie Wrong This Whole Time


A fancy cheese platter is a staple at any party. But before you start planning the spread for your next get-together, we wanted to fill you in on a common faux pas that so many of us have made.

According to the folks at Beaumont Etiquette, we’ve been slicing Brie all wrong. Apparently, the tip on a wedge of Brie is the most flavorful part, and if you slice it off for yourself, you’re ruining the cheese for everyone else. (Nobody likes a flavor hog.) In France, cutting off the tip is called “pointing the cheese” and it’s a big no-no.

Instead, slice from tip to rind so that you have long, narrow pieces. If you’re in charge of the cheese plate, cut a few example pieces and then everyone at the party will follow your lead.

Pat yourself on the back—you are now the most refined hostess in the room.