Usually, you’ve got this whole “cultured” thing down. But then you’re looking at the menu at your favorite Greek restaurant and you know it’s pronounced “yee-ro” and you panic and accidentally say “jy-row.” Ugh. Here’s how to correctly pronounce 11 international foods. Your waiter will be so impressed.

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international foods gnocchi
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The wrong way: Guh-nock-chee

The right way: Nyoh-key

The more you “gno...”

international foods sriracha


The wrong way: Sree-rah-chuh

The right way: See-rah-cha 

Remember: The first “R” is silent.

international food gyro
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The wrong way: Jy-row

The right way: Yee-roh 

If you pronounce this Greek wrap correctly, you’ll go from zero to hero.

international food pho
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The wrong way: Foh

The right way: Fuh

This Vietnamese noodle soup is absolutely Pho-nomenal. (Sorry. Had to.)

international food prosciutto
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The wrong way: Pro-skoo-toe

The right way: Pruh-shoo-toe

As in, “Can I have my sandwich with extra pruh-shoo-toe, please?”

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international food ceviche
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The wrong way: Seh-veech

The right way: Sey-vee-chay 

When you get a bite of this tasty Spanish dish made with raw fish and citrus juice, you’ll be happy you knew how the heck to say it.

international food poke
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The wrong way: Polk

The right way: Poh-kay 

OK, poke. You win.

international food nicoise
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The wrong way: Nee-kwa

The right way: Nee-swahz 

For once, you actually pronounce the “S.”

international food sake
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The wrong way: Sah-kee

The right way: Sah-kay

Juuust in case you drink too much of this tasty Japanese rice wine and forget how to say it.

international food flan
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The wrong way: Flayn

The right way: Flahn 

The flan is always gone…because we ate it all. Oops.

international food tikka
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Tikka Masala

The wrong way: Tih-ka May-sahl-uh

The right way: Tee-kuh Ma-sahl-uh

It seems straightforward, but lots of people get this one wrong. (Not you, though.)

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