11 International Foods You Might Be Pronouncing Wrong

Because even the waiter was embarrassed

Usually, you’ve got this whole “cultured” thing down. But then you’re looking at the menu at your favorite Greek restaurant and you know it’s pronounced “yee-ro” and you panic and accidentally say “jy-row.” Ugh. Here’s how to correctly pronounce 11 international foods. Your waiter will be so impressed.

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international foods gnocchi
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The wrong way: Guh-nock-chee

The right way: Nyoh-key

The more you “gno...”

international foods sriracha


The wrong way: Sree-rah-chuh

The right way: See-rah-cha 

Remember: The first “R” is silent.

international food gyro
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The wrong way: Jy-row

The right way: Yee-roh 

If you pronounce this Greek wrap correctly, you’ll go from zero to hero.

international food pho
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The wrong way: Foh

The right way: Fuh

This Vietnamese noodle soup is absolutely Pho-nomenal. (Sorry. Had to.)

international food prosciutto
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The wrong way: Pro-skoo-toe

The right way: Pruh-shoo-toe

As in, “Can I have my sandwich with extra pruh-shoo-toe, please?”

international food ceviche
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The wrong way: Seh-veech

The right way: Sey-vee-chay 

When you get a bite of this tasty Spanish dish made with raw fish and citrus juice, you’ll be happy you knew how the heck to say it.

international food poke
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The wrong way: Polk

The right way: Poh-kay 

OK, poke. You win.

international food nicoise
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The wrong way: Nee-kwa

The right way: Nee-swahz 

For once, you actually pronounce the “S.”

international food sake
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The wrong way: Sah-kee

The right way: Sah-kay

Juuust in case you drink too much of this tasty Japanese rice wine and forget how to say it.

international food flan
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The wrong way: Flayn

The right way: Flahn 

The flan is always gone…because we ate it all. Oops.

international food tikka
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Tikka Masala

The wrong way: Tih-ka May-sahl-uh

The right way: Tee-kuh Ma-sahl-uh

It seems straightforward, but lots of people get this one wrong. (Not you, though.)


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