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When you’re keto, you don’t need a special occasion to prepare a steak dinner, even if it’s just for yourself. Fill your freezer with a few great cuts of beef and prepare to indulge in all the benefits a low-carb lifestyle has to offer with these 20 keto-friendly recipes. 

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1. Keto Steak And Blue Cheese Salad For One

This fancy restaurant-style salad comes together in minutes and is a healthy way to use all that leftover steak you have.

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2. Grilled Flank Steak with Lemon-Herb Sauce

The key to this bold, zesty recipe? Marinating the steak before it hits the grill, and then hitting it with a second round of tangy sauce.

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3. 15-Minute Skillet Pepper Steak

This one-skillet meal is inspired by Chinese takeout and comes together so quickly, you can whip it up on any night of the week.

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4. Steak Skewers with Chimichurri Sauce

As an appetizer or entrée, these kebab-style steak bites are super enticing, especially with a generous swish of homemade chimichurri.

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5. Garlic Butter Steak and Scallops

Living the no carb life? Well, bring on the surf and turf. Date night at home is at its peak with this buttery recipe.

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6. Sheet Pan Steak and Eggs

Lazy mornings just got so much tastier. Steak, eggs and roasted tomatoes will start your morning with plenty of flavor and protein. Just leave off the baby potatoes in this recipe for a fully keto meal.

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7. Steak, Poblano and Mushroom Fajitas

Psst, you don’t need tortillas for fajita night! This meat and veggie combo packs in enough texture and spice to create a totally satisfying, fork-friendly meal.

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8. Korean Grilled Steak

Toasted sesame seeds amp up the herb-packed chimichurri for this spicy, marinated steak.

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9. Lime Beef and Basil Stir Fry

This lime stir-fry sauce adds a ton of zing without the carbs. Plus, you’ll look forward to the leftovers all week long.

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10. Oven Roasted Steak With Japanese Chimichurri, Roasted Bone Marrow And Jammy Eggs

Yes, chimichurri is an excellent keto condiment because you can play with the herbs, seasonings and oils to constantly switch it up. Serve it with this oven roasted steak recipe for a cozy night in.

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11. One-Pan Steak with Beets and Crispy Kale

A couple pieces of beef tenderloin + two veggies + one sheet pan = a super easy and quick dinner recipe. A sprinkle of blue cheese or feta on top would also be a nice addition…

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12. French Onion Brisket

A hybrid between steak and a hearty beef dinner, brisket is one of those foods that’s always comforting, and always begging for extra company. Invite all your friends for a keto feast that smells just as good as it tastes.

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13. Steak Bites with Chimichurri Dipping Sauce

Steak bites, aka steak tips, are seared and flavorful on the outside yet juicy on the inside. Paired with an herbaceous green sauce, they’re pretty much irresistible.

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15. Keto Fajita Salad with Steak

The chili-cumin-lime vinaigrette is where it’s at. (And yep, you could definitely add cheese and sour cream.)

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16. Lemongrass Steak Banh Mi Bowls

If we’re being honest, we were sold at the first mention of sriracha mayo.

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18. Asian Pepper Steak Kebabs

Not only is steak on a stick fun to eat, it’s also easier and faster to cook.

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17. Philly Cheese Steak Skillet

Who needs buns when we all know the best part is the filling?

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14. Grilled Shrimp and Steak Surf n’ Turf

A two-fer dinner that’s on our diet? Don’t mind if we do.

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19. Three-Minute Cast Iron Steak

The trick to this dish is getting your trusty skillet smoking hot. Ninety seconds per side will yield a medium-rare steak that’s just waiting to be dipped in avocado sauce.

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20. Guacamole Steak Salad

Even with all those toppings, the steak won’t get lost, thanks to a flavorful marinade of citrus, spices and herbs. (Gaby Dalkin is clever like that.)

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