23 Easy Ways to Cut 4,000 Calories Each Week

A little goes a long way

You’d love to drop five pounds before the 4th of July, but where on earth do you even begin? Here, 23 easy places to trim a total of 4,000 calories from your weekly diet. (Pick and choose what works for you!)

Swap Fat-free Cream Cheese For Regular Cream Cheese

Save 50 calories per bagel.

It’s a minor difference, but every little bit helps.

Swap Turkey Bacon For Regular Bacon

Save 100 calories for every two slices.

It has less sodium, too.

Swap A White Wine Spritzer For A Glass Of Sauv Blanc

Save 100 calories.

Plus, you’ll love the refreshing taste.

Swap Almond Milk For Regular Milk In Your Coffee

Save 100 calories.

As long as it’s unsweetened, it’s a major calorie improvement.

Swap Salsa For Creamy Veggie Dip

Save 100 calories per cup.

Just as zippy and delicious.

Swap Egg Whites For Whole Eggs

Save 100 calories per two eggs.

There’s an art to separating them from the yolk, but once you’ve got that down, you’ll have the low-cal omelet thing on lock.

A Better Way To Make An Omelette

Swap Hummus For Mayo

Save 150 calories per tablespoon.

Still just as creamy--and you can pick a flavor with some extra kick.

Swap Microwave Popcorn For Chips

Save 150 calories per handful.


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Swap An Open-faced Sandwich For A Regular Sandwich

Save 150 calories.

Half the bread means half the calories. Boom.

Swap A Naked Burger For A Cheeseburger

Save 150 calories.

Don’t worry, you can still add ketchup and mustard.

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Swap Plain Yogurt For Fruit Yogurt

Save 150 calories per 6 ounce container.

It won’t be as sweet, but it will fill you up.

Swap Unsweetened Iced Tea For Regular Iced Tea

Save 150 calories per glass.

You can add a splash of fruit juice instead of sugar to cut the bitterness.

Swap Sparkling Water For Soda

Save 150 calories.

Just give it a few squeezes of lemon or lime for flavor.

Swap A Bagel For A Glazed Doughnut

Save 150 calories.

Still equally bready.

Or Swap A Slice Of Avocado Toast For A Bagel

Save 200 calories.

Kinda the best breakfast anyway.

Swap Olive Oil And Balsamic For Creamy Salad Dressings

Save 200 calories per three tablespoons.

We know--Ranch dressing is the best, but a tablespoon of olive oil mixed with balsamic adds plenty of delicious flavor without sabotaging your waistline.

Swap A Light Beer For A Regular Beer

Save 200 calories.

Those dark beers are tasty, but they pack a calorie punch.

Swap Fresh Berries For Chocolate Sauce

Save 200 calories quarter cup.

Chocolate sauce is the dessert equivalent to salad dressing--cut it so you don’t over-indulge.

Swap RosÉ For Sangria

Save 200 calories per glass.

This one isn’t hard.

Swap Sprinkles For M&ms

Save 250 calories per fro yo.

Sure, it’s not as chocolate-y, but you’ll still get that super satisfying crunch.

Swap A Margherita Pie For A Pepperoni One

Save 300 calories slice.

That soppressatta is delicious, but damn, it starts to add up.

Swap Lemon Juice And Herbs For Butter On Veggies

Save 300 calories.

You won’t believe the extra flavor.

Swap Zuchinni Noodles For Spaghetti

Save 400 calories per two cups.

Once you add the sauce, it tastes almost exactly the same.