Sorry, Wine. Beer Might Actually Be Better for Womens Health

It’s always a tough call: Are you in the mood for wine or beer? Sure, it depends on the occasion, but according to a study analysis in the Natural Medicine Journal, if you’re a woman, beer may be the better choice.

Here’s why: As we age (gracefully), preserving our bone density and protecting against osteoporosis becomes a top priority, especially for women. Sure, calcium chews and supplements are solid options for prevention, but it turns out a pint of beer--rich in silicon, an element that’s essential to our bone structure--may be a better source when it comes to fending off bone breakage because it’s much more easily absorbed.

For example, in one study researchers found that participants absorbed 64 percent more of the silicon found in non-alcoholic beer compared with only 4 percent of the same compound found in bananas (a common source of silicon for women).

Even more interesting, the hops and flavonoids in beer can actually slow the release of calcium from the bones. A win-win.

So drink up--in moderation, of course.

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