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PSLs? Yawn. Avocado toast? Double yawn. It’s time for something new. From raw fish bowls to ugly fruit, here are the trends you’re about to see at grocery stores and restaurants all over the place.


Get to Know Ube

Ever heard of ube? It’s a purple yam popular in Filipino cooking, and it’s becoming the next dessert sensation. At Manila Social Club in Brooklyn, a dozen coveted ube doughnuts sell for $40, and at Café 86 in Pasadena, you can get your hands on ube milkshakes and bread pudding.


Waste is Out, Scraps Are In

Thanks to initiatives like WastEd in New York City, chefs, farmers and distributors are working together to transform food scraps into upscale meals. You?ll find ?ugly? fruits and veggies, leftovers and castaways on menus all over the country. Plus, new apps like Winnow and PareUp are helping to create less waste in restaurants, grocery stores and home kitchens.


Nordic Cuisine is Taking Over

Manhattan’s Grand Central Terminal is a microcosm of this new trend—there, you’ll find Scandinavian flavors at haute restaurant Agern and the more casual Great Northern Food Hall. Keep an eye out for new Nordic restaurants opening all over the country, like the buzzy Tullibee in Minneapolis and acclaimed Aska in Brooklyn's Williamsburg.


It’s Pork Season

This fall, you’ll see pork dishes popping up on every trendy restaurant menu. Standout dishes include the salt-baked pork belly at Portland's buzzed-about Han Oak and the pork-filled tortellini in broth at Monteverde in Chicago.

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Veggies Are Stealing the Show

Meat, you’ve had your time in the spotlight. This fall, veggies are taking the main stage. Respected chefs are doing exciting things with produce and vegetable-forward restaurants are opening in every major city, like Ledlow in Los Angeles and Nix in New York.


Poke is Here to Stay

A few months ago, you’d probably never heard the word poke (pronounced PO-kay, by the way), and now you can’t scroll through your Instagram feed without seeing it. These Hawaiian raw fish bowls have taken the mainland by storm, but this is only the beginning. Fast-casual poke restaurants are sprouting up across the country, and seafood restaurants are adding the dish to their menus. Expect to see it everywhere in the coming months.


Mornings Are For Fancy Breakfast Sandwiches

Forget your old-fashioned BEC on a kaiser roll. Upscale restaurants are giving breakfast sandwiches a sophisticated makeover. Take the one at Manhattan’s High Street on Hudson, which features fancy egg sandwiches with seared oyster mushrooms, braised kale, Swiss and farm eggs on a homemade roll.

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Fringe Wines Are In

You’ll still find fancy bottles of Bordeaux and Napa wines with three-digit price tags, but sommeliers are turning toward lesser-known wine regions to stock restaurant cellars with affordable wines. Millennials make up a huge portion of the consumer market, and most aren’t willing to spend a fortune on a bottle. As a result, expect to see wines by the glass and the bottle from fringe wine regions like Portugal, Sicily and Hungary.

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